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Harkozynx 9 for SDL v1.0

This is a faithful translation (ie. unaltered) version of Harkozynx 9 from the original format into an SDL format that can be played in Windows or Linux. It contains a "Harkozynx 9" map file with 10 single player and 8 multiplayer levels, plus a "NetMap H-9" map file with 23 multiplayer levels. The original Harkozynx 9 scenario was created by Eric K. Salzman. It was ported to SDL format by Randall J. Currie using HFV Explorer.

Requires Aleph One SDL.

Up Periscope.v19A Aleph One SDL conversi v1.9A

Aleph One SDL conversion of Dispatcher’s classic outré Marathon Infinity map,” Up Periscope” 1.9

Much Superior Grenade v1.1

On Bungie's "Grenade Launcher" sound: Having actually used a similar weapon "back in the day", I've always hated the standard "Grenade Explosion" sound in all flavours of Marathon. It's unrealistic, grating, lacks power. So I decided to change it. But, if you're not using headphones, the difference will probably not be as dramatic as you'd expect. Sound was created by combining the original Marathon grenade sound with a Dorf Bottle exploding (from Bungie's "Myth: TFL").