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Devil in a Blue Dress 2.2

A full-blown port of the M1 scenario, Devil in a Blue Dress. I won't hype this too much, since it's my baby, but it contains 21 solo levels (painstakingly debugged), almost 7 megabytes of original artwork, and 2 megabytes of original sounds. If you've played the original, you'll find all-new puzzles, secrets, and enhancements. If you haven't, this should keep you busy for almost as long as Bungie's M2 scenario.

Because of it's extreme size, it's also available in floppy-sized chunks.

Dog & Dog Map Pack v1.0

4 levels. A pretty wide range of playstyles... the first map is quite small, with seriously fast-paced carnage (if your friends don't kill you, the hill will), but the other three are rather large. I wouldn't expect great performance of What The Hell on 040 machines... but other than that, these are pretty fun. Caesar's Palace shows an enormous attention to detail.

By Jove Jeeves!

The second part of the Dragonfly trilogy that started with What Ho! Jeeves, this is a slightly more involved scenario than the first one. You still have a dry, erudite AI helping you along, but there's some serious fighting going on. Four levels, but the first three are a cakewalk. (The forth is definitely not.) This should provide you with some good stress-burning opportunities.

Discipline of Anarchy

A relatively short solo level, where your job is to find the final term. Well-constructed, with switch-controlled doors making sure you see the entire map before exiting. The final battle is a nice one-on-one with a major jug... let's hope you brought enough ammo!

Symmetary v2.0

A large cloverleaf arena, with four underground loops for added space. An insane collection of monsters for a net level (four jugs in the main arena!), and lava you can't get out of... but it plays okay. Big enough for 8. Update cleans up textures, adds weapons, and tones down monsters. Much more playable, now...

You Don't Need To See My ID v0.3

A port of M1's You Don't Need To See My ID. A few glitches (missing texture in the center room, no lighting to speak of), but playable.

Circular Synapse v0.61

A well-built 5D map that's seriously confusing until you get the hang of it... and then carnage gets absurd. Don't stay on the hill for too long... it's very, very dangerous. Nice use of the portals concept. Update darkens up the outside stairways, and reshapes the portals. Overall, this is a very playable map.


Part two of the Interceptor Series. Two levels, both with some seriously beautiful mapmaking techniques... You're charged with protecting the Rebel Base. Keep a sharp eye out for oxygen rechargers and save buffers... you'll need 'em. This one's worth the download for the platform techniques alone.

And check out the Digestible Chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces!

Empire of the Serpent Sun 1.0

A three level solo scenario. Needs a great deal of texture alignment, and the lighting could stand a bit of sprucing up, but there's plenty to kill... I got a little tired of the fight-to-a-teleporter, see-if-you're-done style.

The Gauntlet v1.1

A classic-style arena, reminiscent of Lack of Vision or What Goes Up... fantastic flow, nice variety of playing styles, and a few secrets. (Watch your back if your opponents find the recharger before you do!) Big enough for eight, but plays well with three or four, as well. Worth the download.

ACME Station-M2

The infinity level, ported to the M2 alien textures. It's no longer vacuum, and all the baddies are gone... but so are some of the windows (which makes for easy transfer from hallway to hallway, actually).

Got a Match?

Simple outdoor maze, with a couple of rechargers and a (not-so) secret room. Flow is nice... but it could use some sounds.

Killer Canyon

A multi-tiered level based on the concept of a box canyon. There are no indications for the elevators... you just have to know where they are. Seemed really, really low on ammo, as well...

La Terrasse Dufrein

A funky little wide open 5D map with edges so sharp I'd hesitate to try this on an 040 machine. However, it plays beautifully on a PPC... you won't be getting too many wall kills on this one.

Postcard from Valhalla

The next installment of the series started with Codename Genesis. Hmm... "non-trivial" comes to mind. A fiendishly designed level (plus a nice setup level), with nasty traps, cool terms, but more than anything, physical puzzles requiring timing, more than anything. (Or at least that's what it boiled down to for me...) Well worth the download.

Arena of the Stars

A large arena, with a split wall dividing the space in half and rooms reminiscent of Bungie's two M1 arena levels at both ends. Watch your back in these rooms... the walls aren't always what they seem. Teleporters take you to tozters, and then to sniping positions in the main arena. Very nice flow.

Control Room

A KOH level designed for two players. (I suppose there could be more, but it seems best suited for two.) The hill is, as the title implies, a control room, and provides switches for five elevators that make up the main floor of the arena below it. The person in the booth tries to crush his opponent, who tries to stay alive long enough to plant a missile where it counts. A back hallway provides more than enough ammo.

Giza Revisited

A pyramid in the center, small sniper halls halfway up the outside walls, and a plethora of elevators and teleporters make this a high-carnage map. There's no place to hide (except maybe in the center of the hill), and no place you can't get to with a weapon in seconds.


Based on the offices of the author. Very nice layout... another good example of the power of Forge's texture alignment capabilities. Check the restrooms... lots of good stuff to be found there. Comes with films.