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The Lost BoB Sounds! n/a

As discovered in the M2 Preview (demo) release, here's some of the legendary "Lost BoB" sounds...quotes that never saw the M2 or M3 light of day. In WAV for Wintel users, in "System" format for Mac users.


Created in 1997, but never added to the Archives, this walls collection is a pretty amazing example of what you can do with black and white. Textures are cartoonish, prelit... Disneyesque.

Levitus Shapes Patch

So you can't handle a 5.5 meg download? And you have lots of RAM? Here's a patcher, made by UpdateMaker, that turns your standard Shapes file into the Levitus Shapes file, described above.

Marathon 2 Enhancer: Kill the Bob

Your favorite target, good old Bob, has been replaced with Bob LeVitus, Director of Evangelism for Power Computing Corporation. Because there are no great tools yet for making non-resource patches ...