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Slings and Arrows Vid Film v1.0

I said I'd do another one, didn't I? It's just one film, so unless you really wanna see it, I doubt that you'll download it. Oh, and why am I only doing one film at a time? Well, it takes half an hour to make it and three months to stuff it up and get it off my computer.

Waterloo Waterpark Vid Film v1.0

A quick film of the first level, done entirely with fists. Yeah, I know the first level isn't much, but at least it's something.

Bob Hot Air Popper Bizarre Film v1.0

Playing the rather pointless, but amusing M2 map “Bob Hot Air Popper” I

shot the Bob’s thus beginning the explosive chain reaction. After a

short flight up the wall I picked of the lone Trooper with my .44

Magnum. But then a strange silence fell upon the battlefield, broken

only by the occasional cry of “Kill me!” and “Frog blast the vent

core!”. Something bizarre had happened… but you’ll have to watch the

film to see.

You’ll need a copy of Dr. Sardu’s Bob Hot Air Popper 1.0 map


Marathon 2 to view the film.

No ammo Roads To Sol... v1.0

This vid package contains two films showing how to complete each path of the Marathon 2 level "All Roads Lead To Sol..." using no ammo. The film that takes the path to the normal exit was produced in the summer of 2000, while the film that takes the path to the secret Bungie credit terminal was produced earlier this year. As is well known, it is impossible to complete both paths within the same film. Both films proceed in the same way until the 2x recharger near the large cache of Shotgun shells is reached. There the strategies change. In either film, no ammo is used at all.

Escape!! Vid Films v1.0

This package contains vid films for all 7 levels of the Marathon 2 scenario Escape!! All of the films were produced in late 1999. It is one of the most enjoyable scenarios I have ever played! I found all of the levels very challenging and a joy to vid. The 6th level is a vacuum level and will have you crying before you successfully finish it. The 7th level is enormous, very challenging, and produced a vid film in excess of 2 hours. I highly recommend this scenario to anyone looking for a good Marathon test. This vid package also contains a detailed Read Me.

Alderian Connection Vid Films v1.0

This package contains vid films for all 5 levels of the Marathon 2 scenario The Alderian Connection. They were all produced within the last month and are among the longest films I have ever done. Each one is roughly 1 hour or longer. In fact, the film for level 5 runs approximately 2.5 hours. The extreme length of each film is primarily due to the size and complexity of the levels of this scenario. Even so, this is one of the most enjoyable scenarios I have ever played. Each level contains everything that makes Marathon fun, i.e.

Coop attempt 2 v1.0

This here is our second attempt at coop play. We only got through a few levels, and did worse in some situations. Enjoy our folly.

Coop Attempt 3 v1.0

This is yet again another attempt at cooperative play. We did much better this time, though my sister still gets in my way. In several places i took damage when i could have dodged it because my sister was in the way. We had a little trouble on the third or fourth level; i don't remember which. My recomendation: kill all crocks when in coop mode.

Please write me a review on this file, i would appreciate it.

First Coop Attempt v1.0

This film features my sister (dragonus maximus), my dad (bone chiller), and me (divine winds), and our first attempt at marathon 2 cooperative play. This film is amusing in spots because we all have different styles. I tend to me more aggressive than i need to be, my sister tends to stir up all the aliens, then make me kill them, and then get in the way when i'm killing them. My dad is a decent player, but seems to hold a grudge against the "run" button. He knows his way around, though, and tends to be our tour guide on most levels.