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Hank's Place

A small net level made up from various sized passageways. Flow seems quite good. There's a recharger at one end reached by a fairly slow platform and dangerously open to opponents. Set up for EMfH play for 2-4 players.

Outer Limits v2.1

Construction looks interesting, gameplay is fine, for what I could see... unfortunately, there are too many one-shot doors. Twice I got to a place I couldn't continue because I'd opened a door and not immediately gone through. That's one time too many for me... Four levels, if you can get that far.

Power Plant

A pretty simplistic little map... should take you all of 5 minutes.

Cuckoo for Carnage Puffs (M2)

Straight Arena play, no KOTH, very straightforward. Ammo is in rooms outside game field & reached by central transporter, suggested up to 8 players. A few Pfhor thrown in; ahhhh, those M2 textures.


A room full of bouncing platforms-works like the Moon Walk at a carnival. No squishing platforms, so if you die, it's because someone killed you, or because you misjudged the platform in front of you, not because you were standing in the wrong place. A path around the outside gives you some stable ground to breathe on if you get seasick.

Pfhlunk v1.0

Bigger than it looks at first glance. Very dark (until you find the lights), and very light on ammo (until you find the secret areas).

Rj's maps (m2)

8 levels, designed to be played solo (although not together). (These are 8 of the 19 in the Infinity version.) A bit linear at first... but good for a bit of carnage, if that's what you're looking for. No real plot on any of 'em.

Genus J'raxii

Six level solo scenario. Nicely done, with some thought put into how to make you flip switches in a specific order without making it look like you're being made to flip switches in a certain order.

The J1raxis Hell Arena

An enormous arena with more space in the outlying corridors and small rooms than in the main area. Construction is generally well done, with nice clean Thunderdome-like choices. The main arena is floodable with lava, so beware... in fact, KOTH games are pretty unlikely to have very high hill times, since the lava switch is not attackable from the hill. If you stay out of the secret passageways, you can have high carnage rates with groups of 3 or 4. As soon as you go exploring, 8 will be too few...


A 3-level solo scenario, where your job is to clean up after someone else's mess (what else is new?) Starts a little slow, but picks up okay.

Fm: Temporal Lab 17 v2

First in a series I never finished. The reason I never finished the series was because I didn't want to be limited in what I could do. Following a series format, would have limited me.

The Alderian Connection 1.1

A large 5 level solo adventure that are quite large. All of the maps are large compared to most and they have enough sprites in them that they will keep you busy for some time.

Fm: Brak Station v4

This station has fallen prey to the AGB (Astronomical Gaming Bureau), and is now the battle field for the masses. Players are now thrown into the canyon, to battle to the death. Aliens and even B.O.B.s have been sent in (although very unsuccessful). You have been chosen to be one of the gaming participants, good luck.

Fm: Axiocranium v4

Axiocranium is almost like a gothic church where carnage takes place in and about...with the huge locked gates, players are not allowed to leave, so they are forced into combat.

Fm: Carnage heights v4

I bring to you, CARNAGE HEIGHTS, a grand an luxurious villa with many wonderful sights to see. While you are wasting away your opponents, you can enjoy the brisk night air in the open patio area, and if you're an inside person, we have an extra wide heated pool.