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The Dark Side

Sort of a reverse Rising Sun. Pitch black room, with a crusher (pressure-activated, so watch where you walk!) in the center... a switch lowers some light panels and weapons shelves (both good for silhouetting your opponents). The hunter is pretty annoying...

The Marche Pit

Everyone starts in small rooms above a round, well-lit pit. No weapons (not even a pistol), but you do start with full 1x health... the object is to see who's the best with their fists.

HabitTrail of Death

A large map, consisting of layered passages in the center, and various level-changing options around the outside. Flow seems quite good... there are a pair of rechargers, but they're pretty vulnerable to sniping action, and there's plenty of ammo to keep the game going. Comes with a totally incomprehensible film.

La Haute-Ville

A large room, with a raised central platform. The center of the platform moves, bringing you from level to level. Teleporters on the outside enhance flow. The upper section can be truly dangerous to those on the ground, since it has safety ledges to hide behind...

Round and Round the Mulberry Bush

The readme says this is your basic arena level, but that's a bit misleading... there are three open areas, two of them island-pocked pools, and the third a ring-like room. (Which is actually two rooms, thanks to the magic of 5-D space...) All are connected by narrow passageways, with a few nice secrets. Look hard for the secret ammo room, and when you find it, make sure to check out your map view!

Smell The Noise

A straightforward arena. This one's dark, and rectangular, with a couple of (well-lit) sniper perches and a few small pools to lurk in... and more than enough ammo to level a small European country. The prize goes to he who moves the fastest... there's almost no place to hide.

The Table

A two-level arena, with the "table" being a large, open area, sitting as a pillar above an encircling ring. Teleporters and secret doors in the landscape of the outer ring wall bring you to either sniper positions above the outer ring, or to the center. Ammo and weapons seem to be optimized for smaller groups.

Killing Fields v2.5

Wow, this one has a long history... It started life as a section of Bungie's M1 solo level Try Again. Butch created one of the best M1 Suicide levels ever by cutting off outside access to this ring... the original Killing Fields can be found in several packages, including Suicide Maps v.2.

Lack of Limbs

Originally released as The Place of Two Deaths. Flow has been improved quite a bit, and the big weapons are very difficult to get. (Well, the flamethrower is. The SPNKR is only moderately difficult...) This is much more in the genre of the original Bungie net levels... high carnage requires skill, not just the blind ability to pull the trigger on a big gun. (Plus, it's very pretty to look at.) This (in both its forms) is our current favorite net level.


A two-arena map, with passageways between them. Might make an interesting two-hill level, but neither "hill" is specified as such... lots and lots of spanker action.

May You Have Long Life v1.0

A very simple novelty level... one small room, lots of shotguns, a couple of SPNKRs, and lots and lots and lots of 3x canisters. Unless you're not careful, death rates should actually be pretty low... there are a minimum of 40 3x canisters at any given time.


5 levels, mostly ports from his M1 maps. Like most KR levels, movement is facilitated more by stairs, jumps, and teleporters than by platforms. Some nice touches (Piqued over has several nice hiding places, but don't try attacking from them...).

Two Ways To Death

A simple solo level... two paths to go down, but no real ending. (If you kill everything, you have to just quit.) Should take a few minutes, at most... either you beat it, or you get tired of it.

Be Happy or Not

Four-level solo/coop scenario. While this one was designed to be played coop (and designed well), it was also been built to handle solo play very nicely. It's not easy, but it keeps the adrenaline flowing without building up too much frustration. Snazzy little tricks, multiple paths to each objective (some will have you banging your head and saying, "Why didn't I think of that first?"), and overall kickass level construction make this one a winner. Robert Blake comes off as a bit of a psycho, but what else is new?

Htahth Station

A level from an upcoming solo scenario, and a partial second level. It can be played net, but it was designed as a solo level. Navigation is a bit confusing (and the map view doesn't help), but construction is fine, and it's a good stress burner.

Mind of Bob

Bob is your SPNKR... and you'll need to use him well here. Two levels, the first is quite short. Ammo is very well rationed on the first level, a bit more plentiful on the second. Very nice monster placement... there are enough, and in the right places, to make it difficult, but not impossible. (The room that looks the hardest is amazingly simple, if you just think for a minute first...) If you haven't mastered SPNKR jumping, you're gonna die a lot...

Steve's M2 Net Maps

6 maps, all remakes. No major problems (minor smearing on Hey, Sonny), and a few nice secrets (the upper sniper perch on the second Everyone's Mortal is pretty cool), but nothing to go into convulsions about, either. Decent, solid net maps.

Stomp U 2 v1.1

A KOH map with a very well-designed hill. You can keep your back to the wall, and you can kill anyone going for big guns (the level is named for the SPNKR room), but there are a couple of nasty attack points that are really hard to guard against... Overall good level design. Update fixes bug in southern hallway, cranks up shield generators.

The Last Interceptor 2.0

A five-level solo scenario. Very nice terms, and generally great level design. Monster placement has been toned down nicely since the last verison. Lots of goodies in places you really shouldn't be going, so explore... The plot isn't Shakespeare, but it'll get you by, and the levels will keep you entertained for a goodly chunk of time. Update expands the first level, and aligns textures, reduces baddies, and improves spelling throughout.

And check out the Digestible Chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces!


If you think you've found all the secrets in this level, you haven't played it long enough. Lots of doors that don't look like doors, but there are some very nice navigation tools, fun lighting... and more than enough ammo to keep your whole group dying.