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Pfhors and Broadway v1.1

A large, flower-shaped map with a ledge around the outside, a large open floor, and a central hill/SPNKER pit. Plenty of weapons and ammo, but the ring around the hill is the only way back up to the ledge. (Well, that, or dying...)

Pfhort Boyard v1.1

A very classy little arena. Extremely nice lighting effects... some of which won't dawn on you until your opponent uses them to kill you. Great flow, and very nice elevation diversity. Update adds a couple of new sniper spots, and improves flow. (Also fixes a few textures and lights...)

The Pentagon

Pretty cool angular arena. Nice use of 5-D space... the unpaired teleporter leads to a nicely stocked ammo room.

Thrill of the Hill

A small, bilaterally symmetrical arena. Definitely set up for two players... although there might be enough weapons for as many as 3 or 4. Contains the first use of PfhorSlime elevators I've seen... but there's no really compelling reason to use them, unless you've found the single fusion pistol.

Flash Death v1.0

Pretty slick small arena, with the hill on a small island, surrounded by lava. Nice sniper perches.

Hiroshima Mon Amour v1.3

A larger, rambling level. You start on an outer, elevated ring, that cannot be returned to without some judicious SPNKer jumping. On the main floor, lots of constructs break up the line of fire, and provide hiding places... but secret doors and teleporters give access to all parts of the map very quickly, so there isn't much safety. Playable with two people (a little slow), but really comes into its own with 4 or more. Comes in two versions-with and without baddies. Update adds a third version of the map, this time with H-Bomb explosions to add to the ambience.

Mark's Maps

Three maps. Basically simple, but very nicely done. Shoot the Curl is pretty simple-two identical rooms connected by an s-turn. Most ammo is underwater. Lots to hide behind. Ring of Power is a pretty cool 5-D map that takes a little time to get the hang of... but works really well, once you do. 4-Gun Clover is pretty well named... there's a ledge around the outside of the cloverleaf, and a cross cut into the center of it... all ammo is in the cross, which can be filled with PfhorSlime. Only 8 shotguns, max, so this one's really designed for smaller groups. Plays quite nicely, even on slow...

Pfhor Flight

Wow, this puppy is BIG. I don't mean lots of polys, I mean BIG - 34,000 units (in Pfhorte), top to bottom. (That's roughly equivalent to 235 feet, or 72 meters.) And it's mostly in one room... The hill is waaaay up high, a tiny little platform hanging in the wind. There are some very narrow, short columns waaaay down from here, with lots and lots and lots of goodies on them... but hitting them (especially when getting shot at) is quite difficult. One thing's for sure... you'll never run out of ammo - there should always be tons of SPNKR and shotgun ammo ar...

Pit of Darkness

Sort of a takeoff of Everyone's Mortal... except with a shorter hill, and more easily predicted transporters. In longer games, fighting will narrow down to shotguns and missile launchers (no other weapons will have ammo). Getting around is really easy...

Shane's House

Exactly what it sounds like. (Except for the aliens, I hope.) A little rough around the edges (probably could have used the snap-to-grid feature of Pfhorte a bit more), but playable-no major problems. I'd have to disagree with the difficulty rating listed in the readme-I had no trouble clearing the level on Normal, first time through, with plenty of ammo to spare. Kinda fun, though... all the big baddies are in big, wide-open rooms, giving you room to maneuver.

Temple Phelsuma v1.8

A very nice temple, with catacombs (filled with sewage) running underneath. Good attention to detail... will run a bit slow on slower machines (due to the large amount of open space). Update fixes a platform bug, and tweaks the term and bob placement.

The Pfhirm v3.0

Modeled after the author's workplace. Straightforward carnage... there is a way to get the flamethrower, and don't go out the windows... there's no way back in.

Blood Spray

Everyone starts out in a small, rectangular room filled with TOZTers and 3x canisters. You teleport out from here to a small cylinder, with shelves along the sides... a teleporter at the bottom brings you back to the top. Simple in layout, more weapons than you'll ever need, brightly lit. Expect really, really high carnage rates.

Criss Cross

What it sounds like. An open arena with a raised cross in the center. Ammo and shotguns on the main floor, assault rifle one level up, all the big guns are a little harder to get to... See what you can do about getting the flamethrower with someone on your tail.

Foe Hammer

Shaped like a sledgehammer, with ammo at one head, the hill at the other, and SPNKRs at the bottom of the handle. Small enough that carnage should be extreme. Nice use of alien textures.

Four Dead Kings

A large arena with four hills. The hills are extremely vulnerable, from many sides, but only accessible from one point (each). Nice flow, and pretty to look at, as well. (You'll have to hunt for the teleporters the first time through...)

Incubus v1.6

A small central arena with a shielded hill (user-controllable), and some very easy-to-navigate passages around the outside. Bilaterally symmetrical, which makes it easy to lose your bearings... Very few places to hide, so don't take too long a breather! Update includes a couple of nasty traps for the two remaining safe places on this map...

M2 Suicide Infinity/NorKorh

It had to happen... here are the three Infinity demo levels (and one from Nor'Korh), remade for M2, in the suicide tradition. Some are recognizable, some are not... all yield extremely high death rates.