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Meo My!

Two levels. Both are pretty intricate, although the first one has some problems on slower machines, due to its extreme size and openness. (It's a huge fortress, and would fit 20 players comfortably.) The readme is (very) misleading about Meo My!... don't give up on escaping the invincibility chamber. Secrets abound... The second level is well designed for KOH or Ball games. (There's a huge lower pool, which would be hard to fight in, except for the fact that all the SPNKRS are down there...)

PipeLine v1.1

A large central, waterfilled arena with a dry hill is surrounded by a matrix of passageways both above and below the waterline. Access to the hill is pretty nice for a water level. Update tweaks and aligns some textures.

Pud's Pit

A small arena with a sewage-filled pit in the center (hence the name), but most of the action seems to congregate in the side passages, where the weapons are... Drop back into the pit for ammo and a recharge canister. Keep an eye out for secret passages...

Romper Room

A huge, rambling level. There are a few funky textures, and it's really easy to get lost, but with a big enough group, there should be something for everyone. One thing's for sure-you'll never, ever, run out of ammo.

Too Young to Die... v1.1

Original version released in No Parole. This is a multi-level arena, with extremely fast-moving elevators bringing players to all levels. There's a small danger of non-regeneration due to the near-constant motion of the elevators, but otherwise, this is a really fast-paced level with plenty of weapons. Two versions-one with baddies, one without. Update adds new sounds, tweaks object placement.

Wash and Dry

Horrendously annoying water level (although that seems to be the point...) Four areas, separated by ledges... primary mode of transport is the water, which goes up and down a lot (and never when you want it to...).

What Ho! Jeeves

A short (okay, very short) but entertaining solo level, where you're a security officer on a cruise ship with a very proper AI. It won't take you long, but the terms are funny.

Bob's Pfhort

A two-level solo scenario. The first level is quite playable (assuming you choose the proper direction to navigate the loop... otherwise, it's a bear). The second level is hellish. Lots o' baddies, which would be fine, except for a framerate-sucking HUGE water-filled room that crushed a Q800 on Major Damage... Still, it's worth the effort, because it's just plain fun. The AI is a no-nonsense guy, but if you listen to him, you'll get around...

Darius's NetMapPack

6 maps, mostly variations on Bungie's arena levels (M1 and M2). The biggest influences are Thunderdome, House of Pain, Everyone's Mortal But Me, and Waldo World. Generally nice construction, and plenty of weapons.


As the readme says, it's in the Everyone's Mortal genre, except the area surrounding the hill is filled with deep water. The whole map's spread out a bit, since it was designed using the (enclosed) LTI physics model, which adds a bit to your jumping capabilities, among other things. Some very nice sniping positions.

M2 Suicide v18

Three more from the long-quiet suicide master. The first one is extremely aptly named, but the other two are quite fun. Death awaits you...


A precursor to Good Day 2 Die, this is a pretty fun large map. This one favors the player who can change vertical targets easily... and it helps to know where the access to the secret areas comes from. Plays best with bigger groups, but 3 should have fun, as well.

Pfhunk Pfhiles v911

8 net maps. These are split between a few standard (pretty nice, in most cases) arena maps, and several team-oriented game maps. There's a capture-the-flag variation (already released), a mortar-style combat map, a pretty slick KOH level, and more. Construction is good, ammo is plentiful, and for bigger groups, the team play should liven up your carnage-fests.

Re'fix v2.1

A pretty slick run-and-hide map, with lots of windows, and lots of escape routes. You can get almost anywhere from anywhere else... but everyone can see you do it. There are a few lava pits that might slow you up, but they can also be used as shortcuts to some of the more useful places on the map. Nice construction.

The Search 3.11

The first level of a 3-level solo scenario. You're asked to activate a power station, and kill a few baddies along the way... okay, a lot of baddies. Well laid-out, in terms of action... some very nice visual effects. There are a few puzzles that need to be solved by finding hidden doors, but mostly, you need to keep your eyes open. Keep alert for those nasty cyborgs! Update fixes first term so you don't teleport out immediately. Very fun.

Triangle of Doom

Wow. I thought the suicide levels were small and deadly. This is a collection of three maps, mostly one room each. (There's a bonus space in the last one.) The title map is tiny (about 7000 units across), with 7 starting positions! The other two aren't much bigger... Ammo is plentiful, but these would be unplayable with more than three players (and even then, it's Stand Up and Shoot Someone). Play these if you really, really need to kill a lot.

"Lights, Floors, and Ceilings"

Have you ever made a simple marathon map, with limited lighting types ,because you never figured out how to make those smooth fluctuating lights? Or maybe you know, technically, how to do it, but never got around to it, because of the tedium of creating all those lighting types. Well, wait no more-download this package. It contains 4 one-poly maps (yes, you'll have to add your own polys to make them functional), containing smooth gradations of lights using various steps. Also contains easy lookup tables for creating staircases.

SyncFilm v1.0

This drag-n-drop film fixer will synch a film with the map it was made from. Good for those times when the proper map is present, but Marathon refuses to recognize it...

Blue Monday Revision Z

The map played at the Grayphics Marathon Tournament 1996. Pretty cool design, in terms of flow and targeting... but it relies very heavily on secret doors (checK out the film for a comprehensive list). Should fit 6-8 easily.

Funky Town

A four-story house, with a yard. Overall, this is quite impressive. The attic is great, and the sniper positions outside are pretty cool. The interior (first and second floors) are a bit cramped... but what would you expect, running around a house with weapons of destruction? Check under the stairs in the basement for a Bungie-esque joke.