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Gus Drips Pink v1

Marathon Evil Map Making Contest Entry

Small net map designed for Hill play. This is the way all of my maps are designed, with the Hill in mind. The Hill area is the dirt-textured circular region ... well, I'm sure you'll find it. During testing, weapons have appeared to be plentiful but not too generously supplied. Only the Staff will fire under the sewage, and if you're playing with aliens, I would advise you to stay away from all thing wet.

In spite of the relatively large number of polygons for such a small map (due to the circular layout), the frame rates seem to remain reasona...

La Virgin v1.3

Basic Map and Story Characteristics

La Virgin is an Evil solo map made in the Jjaro texture. This map and story support only 1 player. The mission objective is to restore the ship’s (La Virgin’s) drive to power before the Pfhor and Mystics can muster the energy for a space time fold-out.

The Space Station v1

The Pfhor have built a huge space station that is protected by an impenetrable energy shield. They have a new shielding technology that makes the station impossible to board via teleportation or destroy. If we don't do something, they'll move the station into earth orbit and nuke us down to bedrock.

Fire Cracker v1

Evil Map Making Contest 2nd Place Winner!


This is a map for marathon EVIL! Don't know what would happen if you tried it in Infinity. Don't blame me if it crashes.

More Words

Although seemingly spacious, it's not hard to keep running into people in this map, works well for medium sized groups...can get pretty hairy with a full house. Lots of cool vantage points ("where the hell did that come from"), and room to move about. There's quite a few little hidden goodies (teleporters and whatnot) so don't forget to snoop around.

There's a nifty version of FM's forcefield t...

Pest Control v1

Official Evil Map Making Contest 1st Place Winner! The Pfhor have just become a little more EVIL, and it's up to you, a professional exterminator, to stop them.

Bug Hunt v1

This is a tough level but with a bit of cunning it can be mastered no problem. It's your basic extermination level so you may have to do some hunting before you can teleport out (thus the title).

Turn Around... v1

This Map is EVIL! AI advises they dumped a few dozen Devlin eggs on the base to soften things up . . . gee, thanks! Find the plant from location where you've been dropped, way off side (of course).

The Devlin Ship v1

You are a simple scavenger, ransacking old space ship after space ship. Untill on day you encounter the U.E.S.C. Dreadnaught. A famed ship that was lost in space, never seen again.

Don't Panic v1

About this level

This level supports all types of net play, but is meant for KOTH games.

I've never tested it in net play, but it should work fine. This map will be slow on 040's so if you have one go buy a new computer. And finely, this map was made in november 97.

About me

I am 18 years old, and I started making maps shortly after marathon 2 came out. I have never put my levels on the net before so this is my first one, and I hope every one likes it. If you have any questions our comments I'd love to here them.

Evil: MOWMDN Bobs v1.0

This patch turnes thoes pistol carrying Bobs into MOW-MDN totin Bobs (you heard me, Bobs not Marines).

Fm: Tipatae Tibatoh (evil)

Tipatae Tibatoh is a map I designed for the Tempus Irae II: The Lost Levels. The map was then designed for Evil and then Infinity. The Evil version has special physics built in. The Railgun and Nukegun both have second triggers that do something dangerous.

Map Filetype Changer v1.0

This is a file type changer for use with Evil. It will fix all filetypes of maps that you drop onto it. This is so Evil will recognize your new Evil map creation.

AMPG Carnage Fest 6

PLAYERS: Fm™, brymen, Pmac, Nukeboy

All these films need to be run from Evil. Some films require the non-standard Evil net maps to view.

These maps are:

The Coriolis Loop map pack by doubleaught

The original Marathon:Infinity Map file

Three new maps by Frigidman (Included)

(read the readme for more instructions)

Fm: Time Becomes a Loop

Time Becomes a Loop is an interestingly small, but large, map. The structures form a loop because they are around a fissure in the ground. Some structures have two levels, and others don't. Many windows, angles, areas for surprise attacks, and full frontal assaults make this a good run for your skill.

Evil Concept Sketches

This pack contains 22 sketches from my sketchbook that pertain to Evil. They are numbered in the order they were in my sketchbook, so I am guessing that is the order in which I made them (heh, even I am not sure of what I do).

Evil Prequal Sketches

This pack contains 10 sketches from my sketchbook that pertain to the Siege of Nor'Korh. They are numbered in the order they were in my sketchbook, so I am guessing that is the order in which I made them.

Evil: DOA Physics I v1.0

These are physics for marathon EVIL! Don't know what would happen if you tried it in Infinity, but I'm sure it would seriously screw up things.

Evil: HUD Patch v1.0

This patch replaces the original Bungie-esque ammo displays for both the Rail Gun and Mortar Launcher with more suitable versions. Gameplay has not been altered, the only difference is that the HUD ammo display is much improved for these weapons.

Evil: Meat Hive

Another great level from Rich! This map is built with the Evil Lava texture set although you won't see the lava. It can support as many as 8 players and all the net modes.