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Bungie Maps Turned EVIL

Three Infinity net levels (Duality, Morpfhine, and 'Fugee Camp) retextured (and weaponed) for Evil. Nicely done... Morpfhine with nuke guns is a blast!

Wild Thing's 5 Little Piggies

A 5-level Nethop, although I'm not sure what happens when 4 of the maps use standard evil physics, and the first one uses a custom model... In any case, these are really well-constructed levels.

Evil-When You Dance

A small, tight map, with no open space other than corridors. One autogun to keep you on your toes... and be aware that most of the weapons/ammo are in the small rooms, not in the corridors. Interesting physics model.

"Forth, Standoffish"

Package includes two films both of which show solo play against Rocket Bob's. KOTH play with a very difficult Hill to defend. Will support two players, crowded at 6.

Evil: Polygonal Carnage

Polygons is right! Many many many, tied together in water medium. Slim ammo, freestanding islands to defend as perhaps little bitty KOTHs type play.

Aye D'No (evil)

Up, down, around, and around. And around. Lots of staircases, lots of tight passageways, but plenty of open space, as well.

Dark Skies Below (evil)

Arena type play, large area should support 6-8+ players. Transport Room along with scattered teleporters. Elevators, stairs, no rechargers but life canisters for your refreshment.

Blender v1.2+

This is a terrific map for solo and Arena play, up to 4 players, maybe more as it's spacious. Devlins everywhere.

Evil-Brancore Fortress

This map cracked up this reviewer so bad we doubt if we can be coherent in our description. It does contain aliens, who remain fairly well hidden.

Evil-Everything must Go! v1.0

Simple arena play, author says 4+ players. Ledges here & there & everywhere, good sniper spots. No particular defensive area but lots of room to maneuver, extra wide halls on backside of arena.