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Circularium v1.0f

A multilevel circular arena, with good flow, nice weapons allotment, and good level design. Works best with 3-5, but 2 could play if they don't mind chasing each other.

Dr' Kurr Station

A huge, mostly symmetrical level based around a central open area. (I'd hesitate to call it an arena, since it's full of holes dropping into the sewers below...) Level design is quite attractive, with lots of care shown to details.

Evil-3 of 1

Quite nice... 5 levels, sorta. The first is simply an intro, to get everyone on the same wavelength. The next 3 are a netloop... each is small, complex, with fantastic flow.

Evil-Anorexic Sacrifice v1.1

Jeff Swartz is definitely a mapmaker to watch. This is a big level, but moving around is just beautiful.

Evil-Argonaut's Tomb v1.0

Totally Terrific Tomb! What a handsome, well designed layout in an EMFH attitude. Large square area, Tomb Shaped, with many, many offshoots; elevators & sniper slots all over, and a 2x affectionately known as 'easy pickings'.

Evil-Atomic TV

Talk about getting lost! Vast space for game play, very complex map best suited for EMFH, supports all play but KOTH. Complex layout for multiple players, 3 at minimum.

Evil-Castle Nemesis

A large, central arena with lots of room for carnage shoots. The author states he made this on a fast Mac, you will be able to tell real fast, the central area is very complex and the faster your Mac is, the better this map will be. Supports all net modes and best for large groups.

Evil-Crushed Hope v1.1

Another of Nick's so many aliens I can't even play solo Maps! A Pfhor Water Reclamation Plant, not too large an area but supports up to 8 players (may be a bit crowded) with KOTH, Ball and of course, Carnage.

Evil-Death Zone

A very large arena level. The inner hall or area is the main arena and the outer areas are the killing zones. Some very unique design and you will need a large group or it will be slow. Supports EmfH and would be playable with smaller groups on KoTh.

Evil-DOA v1.2

Corridors, upper & lower levels, sniper spots, sewage swims, TP's, all here. Aliens for solo. Supports all play but KOTH. Fast & furious, you will be movin'. Re-con for sure.

Evil-Dust Off 1.3

Now here's a little ditty that will have you guessing just what it is; Net? Mission? Scenario? Starts in a very large square arena with enough ammo for the ROTC crowd.

Evil-Foul Binge

A netpak consisting of 10 maps. These are the Evil versions but they haven't just been ported over to Evil. He has gone thru and worked on Object Placement.