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Evil-DOA v1.2

Corridors, upper & lower levels, sniper spots, sewage swims, TP's, all here. Aliens for solo. Supports all play but KOTH. Fast & furious, you will be movin'. Re-con for sure.

Evil-Dust Off 1.3

Now here's a little ditty that will have you guessing just what it is; Net? Mission? Scenario? Starts in a very large square arena with enough ammo for the ROTC crowd.

Evil-Foul Binge

A netpak consisting of 10 maps. These are the Evil versions but they haven't just been ported over to Evil. He has gone thru and worked on Object Placement.

Evil-Future Ghosts v1.1

This map is all over the map! Big! Small! Corridors, ledges, elevators, lava reservoir, dark, light! Aliens for solo. Supports 4+, all modes of play. KOTH is kinda cool though.

Evil-Hope and Death v1.3

Another very good Evil map from R.Dierkes. As with all of the maps from this author he always gives you multi-levels within levels. This one includes some very good design and flow, great ideas and as always, some very good placement of weapons and ammo. Supports EmfH and KoTh.

Evil-Infernal Damnation

One of Jeff's earlier maps. This one is a very open level that has tons of room for all out carnage. Lava textures with some baddies added for solo practice.

Evil-Isla de Encanta v1.1

BIG map. Supports any type play (Read Me) with KOTH clearly defined. Large area contains water medium, open perimeter passageways in a fairly square arena setting.

Evil-Limb from Limb

A big Arena style map. Two rings with different elevations support the outer rim. Teleporters are used to help the flow. This one is for large groups!

Evil-Mikes Net Levels v3.3

An update of a net map pack posted here many months ago and more recently updated at MidWest. 20 levels varying in size and game options.