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A large open space with a raised hill, some underwater area, and a few side passages. Beware-looking out the window of the side passage (towards the hill) can crash you (too many transparent lines).

Life Was Good

A large EMfH map in the Pfhor texture set, made up from a number of caverns linked by wide stairways/passageways. Some nicely designed rooms and lighting effects, although I found the ambient sounds in one area far too distracting. Has a couple of untextured platform sides, and slow speed of some doors can be annoying.

Lightning Dome v1.1

A fairly standard hexagonal arena containing a central hill protected by a floor to ceiling wall in most directions. A high walkway runs around the arena, one section of which forms an elevator between the arena floor and the walkway, and a couple of rooms off the arena give access to some of the heavier weaponary. This update fixes a few bugs, tweaks some monster physics, and adds a new secret area.

Long December v2.1

Fairly open and fast flowing. The main 'arena' is split into two levels with a water pool on the lower level and stairs leading to the higher where a hill is raised up in one corner. Two elevators rise to a ledge/corridor that surrounds the arena. Would support groups of 2-6. Update of a previous release - minor changes to remove possible crashes, and some object placement improvements

Many Ways 2 Die V1.0

A large open map with lots of nooks and crannies. The Hill is on an island, surrounded by an annoyingly-depthed lake (it'll slow you down getting onto the hill or out of the area). Lots of places to attack from... and watch for teleporters.

Nothing In There But Death

A large net level designed for EMfH and KotH, consisting of two large 'arenas' and surrounding corridors on various levels. The smaller arena is lava filled with a slightly raised hill in the center, and the other contains more ammo and a shields recharger. Flow is very good with discreet teleporters to quickly transport you between the various corridors. Plenty of sniper points, and a few very handy, but well hidden secrets. Inspired by a dream the author had one night.

One Sucker vs. Another Sucker

Designed for simple two player carnarge fests. Players start at small rooms either end of a large oval arena that is surrounded by a enclosed corridor. Plenty of ammo to go around, and even more once you've found your way into the secret areas. Merged with a hand grenade physics model.

Outpost Seibalh

The basic premise of this net level is that it's set in a winter climate where snow and ice cover the ground, the result of which is that your traction with the ground is greatly reduced. It takes a while to learn the new techniques necessary (don't hold down the run key for a long time and use weapon recoil for maneuvering), but it can be fun once you get the hang of things. The map itself is fairly big (> 4 players would be best) and set up for multiplayer carnage with open large chambers on multiple levels, linked by elevators and narrow staircases.

Palace o' Pistol Pleasure

Palace o' Pistol Pleasure is magnum/fusion pistol only map, made up from 6 varied sized/shaped rooms lined up north/south direction, the southern most room holding a hill and 3x recharger. Because of the map linearitity, it can be very difficult to take anyone who gets a foothold at the recharger

Pfhour Hours Validation

A large, three-level parking garage. I wish the garages I park in had this much space to manouver... but the construction's pretty nice. The upper level's open air, the middle level's pretty well lit, if mostly enclosed, and the bottom level has a serious need for an electrician. Whatever your playing style, you should be able to find an area to excel here. Could be pretty slow for small groups, due to its very large size.

Primal Chaos

A small rectangular arena with a door in each corner leading to an encircling corridor where teleporters will transport you back to ledges overlooking the arena. Due to it's small size, pretty high carnage rates are achieved. Suitable for 2-4 players.

Prisoners of the Tower

A very complicated map, with lots and lots and lots of secrets. Too many slow-moving elevators for my taste, but if you're willing to take the time to get to know this map, you will find that there are a myriad of ways to kill your friends. As the author says, "the map is your weapon."

Spider Web v1.0.1

A central arena surrounded by two interlinked, enclosed corridors in a 'spiders web' design. There are no doors or platforms to get in the way here, so the action can get pretty fast and furious. This one is big enough to support 8 players, but the ammo would be a little light for the trigger happy. M2 compatible for KotH and EMfH games.

Stone Forest

A medium sized circular arena, covered with a regular grid of tall pillars (the stone forest). The center of the arena contains a shallow water filled trough forming the hill with shield rechargers on either side. Suicide rates are bound to be high. Watch for the teleporters to get a better vantage point over the arena.

The Pain Years v1.0

A circular arena with lots of shallow staircases in rings around it. Decent flow.

The Pfhor Stages of Death

A grid of narrow corridors with a crusher room in each corner that is pressure operated, or can be locked down on your opponents. A slightly 5D space corridor leads out from the grid to a medium sized arena that forms the hill and initially holds some of the heavier weaponary.

The Waters of Fortune?

A large, castle-like structure, overlooking and surrounded by a water filled moat. The large arena inside the castle has a central pool that leads outside through underwater tunnels, and four towers rising up from the moat area provide passageways back inside. The mono, sand-colored texturing can make it difficult to judge distances, although there's a lot of lighting/shadow detail, which helps out. A second copy of the map is set up with portions of the lighting changing from daylight to night time over a period of minutes, leading to different styles of play. There's a couple of larg...

Zig Eddy Maps

Three levels, all pretty large. The texture choices might give you a headache after a while, and small groups would have trouble staying busy, but for bigger groups, these can be fun. The third one, especially, shows some real promise. (Anyone who'd take the time to write "Kill" in scenery has way too much time on their hands...)

Dirt Mines of Aldebaran

I'm not sure this one's playable. It's really, really, really big... and sort of boring. You'd have trouble finding people to kill with 20... good luck with 8 or less. Interesting experiment in mapmaking, though...