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Three map levels with No. 1, Dalbom's Street 4, a very complicated layout with basic Arena type play, central area full of nooks & crannies inside & outside that changes from water medium to clear & back. Aliens galore including those teeny guys of every stripe, making this a rapid run for solo play. Supports a multitude of players. Fast! Good! No. 2 is DINO Dungeon, very confined & rather than a Dungeon, appears to be a house, has furniture & a lovely yard full of Juggers. Aliens for solo play. May support four, but a tight arena-type area. Three is River of Pain.

Dark Places v2.0

Figure eight arena type play with two back rooms & stairs between, mostly for ammo. Neat lighting effects, switch at top of stairs lights up sniper plat opposite you. KOTH play, with Hill lighting up as you enter. Good effects with the lighting. Fast play with a few aliens thrown in for solo carnage enjoyment.

Dark Skies Below

A large, convoluted map with sweeping lines and a cave-like atmosphere. No sound at all... lots of stairwells, lots of pillars to hide behind. Marked for KOTH, but there's no hill...

Darklord Maps Archive

28 maps. (!) Mostly simple, small, and with ungodly amounts of ammo and weapons. Pretty reminiscent of the Suicide levels, in that sense... carnage rates should be really high.

Death By Accident v1.1

Pretty good layout here. Should have considered calling it 'Snipers R Us' because you will have a good time lobbing volleys through all the slots provided. A few Phfor for solo play, lava areas, teleporters. This is not a simple map by any means, tag would be terrific, fast & furious!

Death Trap

Arena play, KOTH, okay for solo players as aliens abound. Author says 8 players/teams. Would be very crowded with eight teams. No co-op play. Fast & Furious. 1x recharger, couldn't get 2x to work, and location of rechargers is a pain.

Deth Pfhestival v3.1

Arena type play with back area off shoots for ammo, a few whacko Bobs to bother you or for solo players to cream. 2x, no teleporters but plenty of mobility allowed. Interesting layout, pretty fast.

Enemy Sky v2.0

Author would like feedback. Dear Jacob: this is a pretty spacious & convoluted map, looks like fun but Jacob, my Mac crashed twice while trying to traverse ins & outs, ups & downs. Are we doing something wrong? Would like feedback.

ET Phone Home

If you play this with allies, which we think you will have to consider, as opposed to opponents, you might survive awhile! This is one busy Map. Comes with two films, Read Me, & of course, The Map. Every alien/sprite you've ever seen is here from Juggers to Flick'ta to those annoying drones, the whole gang. You will be Very, Very busy. A smart layout as well. Lists Jackie Chan as Head Tester. Very playable, works well solo. Big Blue, now there's a problem for you. Unless you play on TC! Ouch!

Eternal Warfare

Large arena, Read Me says best for KOTH, Hill is dead center with lower levels having transporters to sniper slots, ammo... you can leap onto Hill. Comment: when you bring up Map on +++ it is full of religious messages, author's statements/observations on all things Jesus & God 'spelled backward is Dog' kinda stuff. It is kind of yin & yang as you get these messages & then try to KILL your friends in a most dastardly & vicious way! What is that all about???


A large, waterfilled level with a small island in the center (you have to swim) and some sniping platforms at either end, connected by a mostly open passageway. If you don't mind spending most of your time underwater, this map will hold a large group.

Father of Mine v1.0

Arena with a Lava Pit in center, fall in &, well you can get out but, badly damaged. Plenty of ammo, a few switches for... ? Maybe a 2x? Good layout on the Arena. Transporters of course. Launcher is... deadly.

Finale Balconville

Arena type play in a figure eight, rather large area with requisite elevators, 2x canisters, transporters, lifts, and a few aliens for solo play. Off shoots for ammo, sniper slots are transporters in most cases as there's nothing in your line of fire from the slots.

Flash Point

Read Me tells of secrets, a seasoned map maker with a half dozen maps out there. Asks for feedback via email, but hey, no address, no tickee! This is a beautiful map with KOTH play, wherein the Hill is actually a moving platform, tuff! Flick'ta in water canal. This is a large double layered square; perimeter area/walkway outside, and a medium size square with Hill, columns everything you'd want, inside. Comes with a Physics model: Full Throttle. Handsome, playable map.

Flying Fists v1.0

This map is huge! Vast area with KOTH ledge decidedly Large & includes a transporter, can get ammo & leap back onto Hill, cool! Interior great stairway, dark & creepy; maze offshoot from main floor of arena, perimeter walkways, another vast square area for in-your-face carnage. Well, it's HUGE! Could accommodate 10 or more players. Walk-through is absolutely essential! A complex & very interesting layout, check it out!


Two fenced-in squares hovering high over the Lh'owon landscape. Each square contains a switch to activate your forcefield, other guy has same setup. You have a .44 period. Must be a hit switch turn & fire exercise.

Get Up!

A Quad with multiple upright pillar-type thingys to hide behind and some really mean spirited Troopers; this should satisfy two players easily, probably three would be okay, four would be a crowd.