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Siege of Nor'Korh -SDL- v2

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Seige of Nor'Korh v2. Converted by Randall J. Currie.

Marathon:Evil -SDL- v1

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Marathon:Evil. This ONLY changes to file format to work under SDL. It does not alter any levels, or change anything to utilize Aleph One's extra features. Converted by Craig Caroon.

Marathon:RED -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Marathon: RED. Converted by Craig Caroon.

Marathon Dissent v1.1

The exact level count is fuzzy, due to multiple options, but Dissent is roughly 20 levels of pure Marathon fun. Realistic architecture (well, mostly - there ARE limits to the Marathon engine), a gripping story, and very well-designed gameplay add up to a scenario that'll keep you busy for quite a while.

Alexienth Demo v1.1

Play the Sorikon updated map (newest version) or play the Alexieth Demo Map even if they're both absolutely too much fun for a grown person such as yourself! Sorikon had some teensy bugs that have now been addressed with this new package, and it is a complete package, make no mistake.

Origin of Species v1.1

A few weeks ago, Ben Potter approached me with the idea of compiling all of Tony's maps (not just the Origin of Species levels) into a single, cohesive scenario. This project took on a life of its own, partly because it was more complicated than we'd initially thought...

Pfh'Joueur v1.1

An enormous, 19 level opus based in the Marathon universe. A true work of art... this one will keep you busy for days.

Operation Vengeance

A 13-level scenario which manages to pack every trick and novelty ever devised for Marathon, every slick little piece of eye candy, all into an eminently playable package. Engrossing...

Marathon 5 Artillery Test

I might have pissed him off...I suggested the last Marathon 5 offering might have been lacking in replay value... this one avoids any such problem by making it nearly impossible to get to the replay stage....

Legacy of the Tsirc

A really enjoyable single-level scenario. Mapmaking is superb, gameplay is extremely finely tuned for very high adrenaline levels, the plot is nicely worked out.

Marathon 5 Lunar Simulation

No baddies, no air, lots of nasty meteor showers. A nice little maze map. Careful... this ain't the moon you know.