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Coop attempt 2 v1.0

This here is our second attempt at coop play. We only got through a few levels, and did worse in some situations. Enjoy our folly.

Coop Attempt 3 v1.0

This is yet again another attempt at cooperative play. We did much better this time, though my sister still gets in my way. In several places i took damage when i could have dodged it because my sister was in the way. We had a little trouble on the third or fourth level; i don't remember which. My recomendation: kill all crocks when in coop mode.

Please write me a review on this file, i would appreciate it.

First Coop Attempt v1.0

This film features my sister (dragonus maximus), my dad (bone chiller), and me (divine winds), and our first attempt at marathon 2 cooperative play. This film is amusing in spots because we all have different styles. I tend to me more aggressive than i need to be, my sister tends to stir up all the aliens, then make me kill them, and then get in the way when i'm killing them. My dad is a decent player, but seems to hold a grudge against the "run" button. He knows his way around, though, and tends to be our tour guide on most levels.

Comrade Hüff's Tea Party v1.0

A 17-level nethop map with a seriously cool intro level. Most of the individual levels have been released in some form... many have changed pretty radically, though. Get this map for its grandeur alone.

Petri's Map Sack v1.4

Right, short. Seven maps, 3 KOTH, 7 Carnage, 3 Ball. 2 of the KOTH maps are TEAM only. Kill your enemies, kill your friends enemies, kill your friends

Hell Hole v1.1

The point of this map is to be way too damn hard, to help you stretch and learn to fight. Use "Hell Hole" to warm up before a net game or a tough level. There are no puzzles, no secrets, no cheesy circuits to plug in, just head to head non stop carnage till you die.

Hell Hole v1.2

Many changes and tweeks from monster selection to more and quicker returns from the Blood Trough. Hell Hole was always meant to be more than just a practice level, it was supposed to be a help to people wanting to test a physics model or a shapes patch. All the weapons are represented here and most of the monsters.

Hell Hole v1.3

The kickass third incarnation of Hell Hole. Practice melee fighting with this level. This is my favorite version from 1.1 to 5. It has more second-to-second gut wrenching mindless horror than any map I've played. Violence is a state of mind, you can see it in a brain as it arcs past you. Become the carnage, experience Hell Hole.

cyensniper.sit v1.0

A simple alteration to the weapons... Makes pistols fire one shot kills, and sets machine gun grenades, to act like slow moving mines.

CyenV1.38.sit v1.0

designed for 3 players. small maps, high kills.

works great with altered physics to have the pistol be a one shot kill.

S'phorn Cross v1.0

A large arena style map with a small, open hill and surrounding windows and ledges to attack from. It is great for playing with anything from 2 to 8 players, due to its unique architecture.