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Evil Co-op TC Films v1.1

3 films, done co-op on TC. They are : Mr Bill Meets Mr Gumby, Parathymeter, and A View From The Edge.

Origin of Species Vid Films v1.0

This vid package contains vid films for all 14 levels of the Marathon Infinity scenario Origin of Species. This is one of the most challenging scenarios I have played. Several of the levels were very difficult to vid. A few of the films were produced in May 2000, while the rest were produced within the last few days. A detailed Read Me is included in the package.

High Velocity Update. v1.5

If you downloaded large and small network maps there is a level called high velocity, and it really sucks! Here is it again only way, way, way better.

Co-op TC Evil Films v1.0

A co-op film of Mr. Bill Meets Mr. Gumby of the Marathon : Evil scenario. Its on Total Carnage with 2 players.

No ammo Roads To Sol... v1.0

This vid package contains two films showing how to complete each path of the Marathon 2 level "All Roads Lead To Sol..." using no ammo. The film that takes the path to the normal exit was produced in the summer of 2000, while the film that takes the path to the secret Bungie credit terminal was produced earlier this year. As is well known, it is impossible to complete both paths within the same film. Both films proceed in the same way until the 2x recharger near the large cache of Shotgun shells is reached. There the strategies change. In either film, no ammo is used at all.

Mendoza 13 v1.0

A fairly small arena-like map with a terraced pit, a central tower, surrounding walkways and sniper points, and underwater passageways that provide access to flood and lighting controls.

Escape!! Vid Films v1.0

This package contains vid films for all 7 levels of the Marathon 2 scenario Escape!! All of the films were produced in late 1999. It is one of the most enjoyable scenarios I have ever played! I found all of the levels very challenging and a joy to vid. The 6th level is a vacuum level and will have you crying before you successfully finish it. The 7th level is enormous, very challenging, and produced a vid film in excess of 2 hours. I highly recommend this scenario to anyone looking for a good Marathon test. This vid package also contains a detailed Read Me.