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M1A1 v1.2

This is a full port of Marathon 1 to the Aleph One engine. It contains the 27 original solo levels, the 10 original net levels, plus several bonus (solo) levels... 18 original music tracks. Requires Aleph One.

Marathon Fell Vid Films v1.1

NOTE: This replaces version 1.0 that was posted a couple of days ago. I was able to vid the level "The Face Below the Puddles" today. It is the only new film in this version.

Hell Pfhor You Vidmaster Film v1.0

This is me vidding my favorite Rubicon Vidmaster level, Hell Pfhor You. It contains two films:

Hell Pfhor Them: This is my vidmaster film, not much else to be explained. TC, most weapons used.

Quick'n'Dirty: A simple explanation for those who don't know how to lower the 'table' at the start of the level.

A more detailed readme can be found with the files.


Vilcabamba v1.0

A one-level scenario, complete with new shapes and sounds - the author completed this almost a year ago, but then disappeared. It's easily up to the quality of his other Marathon work... but he had discussed adding more terminals. He never got to that... but we didn't want this to get lost, so it's been packaged up in an easy-to-use installer for your playing pleasure. The Marathon marine meets Lara Croft. This one is all puzzles - see what you can figure out!

Vilcabamba Vid Film v1.0

This is a vid film for the one level Infinity scenario Vilcabamba. It is one of the most beautifully textured levels i have ever seen. The enemies are not what make this an enjoyable level to play and vid. It is the textures and the puzzles that make this an awesome Marathon experience. I highly recommend this scenario to everyone.