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Zealots Physics.sit 1.0

This physics model was designed to take a different look at the way the marathon world could be, while still retaining a balanced and orthodox design. The weapons function pretty much like their predecessors, but look different and do different things differently.

cyensniper.sit v1.0

A simple alteration to the weapons... Makes pistols fire one shot kills, and sets machine gun grenades, to act like slow moving mines.

Pete's Pmods v1.0

18 physics models i made for myself a while ago. Nice ones too, nicest i've seen for marathon1.

Blinking Launcher Patch

This is pretty cool. It adds a small patch to your SPNKR shapes - when the launcher is capable of firing, it blinks green. When it's not (because it's between shots, or reloading), it blinks red.

Restored A1/Infinity Shuttle

A replacement for about a third of the infinity textures, using the M1 and M2 counterparts. An interesting effect... try it out and see. (Suggested for Aleph One, but works fine with Infinity ,as well)


Created in 1997, but never added to the Archives, this walls collection is a pretty amazing example of what you can do with black and white. Textures are cartoonish, prelit... Disneyesque.