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M A R A T H O N : The 3D Animated short v1.0

A totally 3D animated short taking place in the Marathon Universe, featuring the Cyborg we all know, and a couple of other familiar friends *I compel you to view it now.*

Lightning v1.0

This is a little map that shows lightning and thunder timed togetherto make a storm effect

Talk to Trashcans v1.0

This map shows how to let the player walk up to a wall, press tab, and talk to it.

Marathon Infinity-Theme Remix v1.0

A thundering breakbeat remix of Power of Seven's Marathon Infinity Theme with heavy bass drums and fast acid synths.

Chisel: Better Cleanup v1.0.1

Distributed with previous versions of Chisel is an effect called 'Cleanup.' This effect has at least one bug at the time of writing: whilst it removes the correct number of lights from the map, the lights left behind are not the correct ones, merely the first lights in the map. This means that it only works correctly if the last lights in the map are removed. Enter 'Better Cleanup' which fixes the bug, and adds two new features:)

Chisel: Media Munger v1.0

Media Munger is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can remap the media in any Marathon 2 or Infinity map to any of the types available.

Chisel: Write Rotator v1.0a2

Write Rotator File is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can output any Marathon 2 or Infinity map in the format used by the Freeware program Rotator. This allows you to view any map as a three dimensional wire frame model, somewhat similar to the map used by Descent. It was written to produce a few terminal images and animations quickly, but mostly for the fun of it.

Cinemascope v1.0

Cinemascope is a useful application that can fool Marathon 2 and Infinity into displaying terminal pictures that are twice the normal width. Cinemascope mucks about with your pictures to allow you to use and display images that are 614 by 266 pixels, giving you an image that goes right across the terminal.

Inf - > Aleph Converter v1.3

A tiny applescript app that does one thing (and does it right) - it converts any Marathon file to Aleph One format (maps, shapes, sounds, Infinity files, Evil files, almost anything goes). Far more convenient than ResEdit. v1.2 adds folder/disc drag-n-drop and compatibility with all 3rd party scenarios. v1.3 now converts entire folders, instead of just one level deep.


Otherwise known as Marathon 1-2-3 Converter, this tool will convert M1 data files (maps, shapes, sounds, you name it) to Aleph One format. It's more than just a simple translator - when you tranlsate a map, you also get the MML files needed to make it work as the original. Source is included.