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Chisel: Write Rotator v1.0a2

Write Rotator File is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can output any Marathon 2 or Infinity map in the format used by the Freeware program Rotator. This allows you to view any map as a three dimensional wire frame model, somewhat similar to the map used by Descent. It was written to produce a few terminal images and animations quickly, but mostly for the fun of it.

Cinemascope v1.0

Cinemascope is a useful application that can fool Marathon 2 and Infinity into displaying terminal pictures that are twice the normal width. Cinemascope mucks about with your pictures to allow you to use and display images that are 614 by 266 pixels, giving you an image that goes right across the terminal.

Lift Test v1.0

A test map that exploits the Platformer Chisel effect. A lift that connects two rooms that is open on all four sides. This map is totally indebted to the amazing map hacking of Jason Harper.

black surge v1.1

VERY small map in the veins of "poorly built spaceship" (GRENDEL). 8 player locations but will get crowded with even 4 players. Not many netmaps are this small, check it out if you want tight action with small groups. HUGE KPM rates guaranteed

version 1.0 didn't have skull and hill marked. this is now fixed

mr. Spade's Office v1.0

simple but not symmetric arena-style map. Nice design but not my best stuff... Anyway it should be a decent KOTH map.

BUG FREE or I owe you my balls

Pete's Pmods v1.0

18 physics models i made for myself a while ago. Nice ones too, nicest i've seen for marathon1.

Ode To Pombero v1.9

O.T.P. v1.9 contains 11 heavily play-tested net maps designed for 2 to 8 players. Flow is unimpeded and play is gushy fun. Included is “YooKeeBang”, a KotH missile-munching favorite.

Marathon Rubicon 1.0

Four years in the making, Rubicon is the is the largest Marathon scenario project ever created.

Archive Sherlock Plugin v2

The Sherlock Plugin's ability lets you search all of the site archives with the ease of Sherlock. Once you punch in a word OR date, a results window comes back with any file that has that word, or was posted after that date!

Moon Games v1.2

Small map, 4 connected rooms with 2 smaller rooms connected by a stairway. 2 films included to demonstrate the carnage held within.

Pfhive Pack

5 levels, focus is on vertical movement. Everything is fast - hesitate and you're lost. (Elevators, for example, generally visit a level for a second or two - time the jump-off, or head back to where you started.

Some More Lh'owon v1.1

My second netpack, totalling 13 net levels for M2 and Infinity. These are more technically advanced than my first netpack, making for better gameplay. All maps work well with 2-8 players.

Inf - > Aleph Converter v1.3

A tiny applescript app that does one thing (and does it right) - it converts any Marathon file to Aleph One format (maps, shapes, sounds, Infinity files, Evil files, almost anything goes). Far more convenient than ResEdit. v1.2 adds folder/disc drag-n-drop and compatibility with all 3rd party scenarios. v1.3 now converts entire folders, instead of just one level deep.

Marathon Rubicon AO 1.0

Four years in the making, Rubicon is the is the largest Marathon scenario project ever created.

Last Survivor of the Nostromo v2

A couple of years ago, ydnar offloaded the last of his Marathon detritus, a very impressive (though slightly unfinished) map called Last Survivor of the Nostromo. Recently, oogaBooga decided to polish it up.

Jerkcity 1.5

6 levels, on the small side. You know, I'm getting tired of saying nice things about this guy. Who the heck does he think he is, consistently turning out top-notch netmaps? Okay, go ahead and play these, if you like good flow, and nice architecture, and plenty of weapons and ammo... but don't think I'm gonna be happy about it. (Dang, those red weapons are fun in netplay.)

Return to Marathon v1.0

In March, 1999, Antonio de Llamas released a single level preview for an ambitious project he'd undertaken - Return to Marathon.