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Marathon Fell -SDL- v2.0

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Marathon: Fell. Converted by Craig Caroon.

In April 1999, Fell 1.0 was released, and it was a pretty impressive debut. The work of predominately one person, Fell was an extremely playable, engrossing scenario. Now, 7 months later, Fell 2.0 is released.

Blunt Hop 1.5

A 7 level nethop pack. Every single one of these maps is worth playing on its own (well, okay, the vacuum level's sort of a pain in the ass), together they total a monstrous netgame potential.

Grendel Manqué v2

An upgrade of a 5 map collection - it's 15 maps now. Emphasis is on lighting and special effects - maps are very pretty to look at.

Meerkat Wrecknophobe 1.1

3 more levels from a master. One is simply a fun bit from a RED solo map, but all three are really playable - you'll spend most of your time getting blasted by friends, and very little time trying to figure out where to go next. Those RED weapons are just built for carnage, aren't they?

Rocket Launcher

A square level, with a bunch of fake walls, and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rocket packs. Internally, the level is called 'Die', which is relatively accurate - you can't always see what's coming at you, because of the fake walls.

Waterfall Arena

A square arena, with a trough around it... and a water elevator to bridge the gap. Obscene numbers of objects/baddies complete the picture.

Blinking Launcher Patch

This is pretty cool. It adds a small patch to your SPNKR shapes - when the launcher is capable of firing, it blinks green. When it's not (because it's between shots, or reloading), it blinks red.

Portal of Sigma Demo

A one-level (okay, two if you count the intro room) demo of an upcoming scenario. Portal of Sigma is a Big House inmate, and a promising one.

Restored A1/Infinity Shuttle

A replacement for about a third of the infinity textures, using the M1 and M2 counterparts. An interesting effect... try it out and see. (Suggested for Aleph One, but works fine with Infinity ,as well)


24 levels, some simple, some more complex... all quite playable for small to medium groups. Emphasis is on movement... and it works well. With 24 maps, your net group shouldnt' get bored too quickly...

Purple Torch 1.3

3 levels, all with fantastic flow. These maps just get better and better. Unholy lets you play netgames in Ian's disgustingly alive hive-like textures... Whiskeyclone is a simple (but hard to dominate) street scene. Singe offers some pretty fun scenery... ick. :) Definitely worth a look.

Aero 1.0

Small & fast map with lots of altitude differences. MOTM Jan 2001.

Assault Island

A large map, playable either as net (without the included physics model) or solo (with it). Map's not merged for easier swapping. A large castle, with a moat around it. Secrets are all over the place... many ways in (though most will require hunting). In solo mode, green stuff (troopers, hunters, etc) are on your side. Find those recharge canisters quickly...


Otherwise known as Marathon 1-2-3 Converter, this tool will convert M1 data files (maps, shapes, sounds, you name it) to Aleph One format. It's more than just a simple translator - when you tranlsate a map, you also get the MML files needed to make it work as the original. Source is included.


Created in 1997, but never added to the Archives, this walls collection is a pretty amazing example of what you can do with black and white. Textures are cartoonish, prelit... Disneyesque.