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M1A1 for SDL Script Update v1.5

The four new Tiny Bobs types occupy the VacBob slots in "M1A1 for SDL" Physics. This patch will update the "Settings" MML Script of "M1A1 for SDL" to show the "Assimilated VacBob" Tiny Bob as being friendly under the motion sensor.

If you install Aleph One into your M1A1 folder, you will need to apply this patch to restore the original M1A1 MML Script settings.

M1A1 MP3 Tracks v1.2

Contains 19 MP3 Tracks for use with M1A1 by Raul Bonilla. Drop these into your M1 Tracks folder.

"Seropian MP3s" contains 8 original Marathon MP3 Tracks by Alexander Seropian, stereo enhanced.

"Tobacco MP3s" contains 8 remixed Marathon MP3 Tracks by Thomas Barth, better than originals.

"MuShoo MP3s" contains 1 custom Marathon MP3 by Mike Schapiro. It also has 2 original Marathon MP3s played backwards, resampled by Raul Bonilla.

Aleph One SDL/MAC is required.

M1A1 for SDL/MAC also required.

M1A1 QuickTime Tracks v1.0

Contains 18 AIFF Tracks for use with M1A1 by Raul Bonilla. Drop these into your M1 Audio folder.

"Marathon QuickTime Tracks" contains 16 original Marathon AIFF Tracks by Alexander Seropian, but are resampled for QuickTime 3.0 instruments by Alexander Thomas (aka Dr. Lex). It also contains 2 original Marathon AIFFs played backwards, these have been resampled by Raul Bonilla.

Aleph One SDL/MAC is required.

M1A1 for MAC v1.0 is required, but these tracks might work in later versions of M1A1 for MAC/SDL.

M1A1 Screen Shots v1.2

A collection of 25 screen shots in JPEG format from M1A1 by Raul Bonilla. No Readme included.

Cerberus Demo v1.0

Demo for Marathon*Cerberus. Contains first level, shapes patch, and documentation.

The Yota Saga, Part 8 V1.0

Installment 8 of an ongoing series. This one has some caveats. The third level has a baddie which can be taken down with one kind of ammo, and one kind only... and you have VERY FEW ROUNDS to spare. The first time through (well, okay, the first time I actually figured out what I was supposed to be doing), I ran out with one nasty to go... and that's enough; I had to start over, since my saved game was already low on ammo. (I had attempted to shoot through an opening that was blocked; the firing animation looked like breaking glass to me, so I fired again. Two wasted rounds... that's all it took.) Except for this glitch, though, that last level is hard, but a lot of fun. The first two levels are shorter, and with less fighting... but pretty nonetheless. Lots of tricks, as usual.

Yota 16-bit Sounds V1.0

A Sounds patcher for the Yota Saga maps. The first three segments of this series used the Infinity Sounds file, but all subsequent installments have used a custom Sounds file. This patcher, designed to be applied to a virgin Sounds file, replaces all old versions, and provides 16-bit as well as 8-bit sounds for the series.

Snowdog v1.0

Very cool - realistic (falling) snow. A single-level map, more to show off the snow than anything else (though the map plays fine, as a bonus) - requires Aleph One. Check this out!

Team Warfare v1.0

6 levels (well, one, with 6 variations). Two teams of VacBobs (green and blue), and two health options (normal, and pretty weak). You can start as a neutral player (nobody hates you until you start killing, but the blues hate the greens, and vice-versa), or on a team - action gets pretty frenetic with the final couple of options. A few bugs, but quite playable... see how long you can stay alive on the VacBob levels (without hiding)!

The Craft v1.1

A 12-level romp. Mapmaking ranges from very good to acceptable. The storyline is pretty simple, and missing a term or two (I missed a couple) won't hurt you very much. Gameplay is good, old-fashioned carnage. Kill stuff... kill lots of stuff. There's plenty of ammo, and sometimes you have a bunch of bobs to help you... but lots of times it's just your job to kill stuff faster than it comes at you. It gets harder near the end, too... I'm looking forward to seeing John Sumner's vidmaster films of this one. It's bundled with an older version of Aleph One (for MacOS 9) - but I didn't have any major problems using the current version. (If you DO decide to use the bundled version, be aware that it's older than the 3D model code added a bit ago - if you have models in your Aleph One folder, the bundled app won't launch.)

The Legacy Sampler v1.0

Two and a half years ago, Hamish Sanderson released Trojan: Legacy, a rather odd but extremely interesting little project. Today, Raul Bonilla (the man behind the Marathon 1 to Aleph One project) releases the Legacy Sampler for Aleph One. There are a few differences (the overhead map works, the HUD is different, terminals are green, not blue, The knife from Trojan has been incorporated), but for the most part, this port is faithful to the original, and plays quite well. Give it a whirl... and then go back and play the original (which, unfortunately, no longer installs on MacOS > 9.0 - one of these days, I'll build a new installer for it). The maze section is brilliant.

Stormy Weather v1.0

A simple simplici7y map (meaning it has but 7 polys). Sound's a little funky (there are a couple of polys with no sound, leading to some jarring transitions), but it's got decent flow for a tiny map - be careful, the elevator leading out of the moat isn't as responsive as you might think (it's easy to get spanked down there if you think you're coming up..).

The joy of violent movement v1.0

The first half of an entry that never made it into the Tempus Mapmaking Contest. Movement's pretty linear... but you should be busy enough that you don't even notice. Action was pretty much non-stop... but not so hard I wanted to give up. Nicely laid out - the eye candy is quite good (makes you feel a little better waiting for Gates of Fenris)... mostly, this is just a great adrenaline generator. Give it a run!

Spokes of Carnage v1.0

A two-level wheel. Plenty of ammo and weapons, easy cover. Movement (due to the small size and the teleporters) is very fast.

Sylvain's Netmaps v1.0

5 levels, created a couple of years ago by a mapmaker who disappeared off the net. These are being released by his primary beta tester, under the assumption that it's a crime to waste good Marathon levels. (And good they are - most have an organic feel, with lots of curves, and a huge amount of vertical complexity.) Some funky physics stuff on some of the maps - but generally, very nice (large) maps for bigger groups.

The Pit 2001 v1.0

Complicated, funky spaces, lots of stairs. Takes a little while to get used to - figure out where you are. More than enough ammo and weapons for a huge game - tight enough (once you get used to it) for a small one.

The Stadium (SM) 1.0

Big open (dark) pit, lots of running rooms on the outside, more rechargers than you can shake a stick at.