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M1A1 for SDL

This is an SDL-compatible version of the M1A1 scenario. It's identical to the Mac version, except for file formats.

Marathon: Cyle Returns v1.1

26 Single-Player levels including 5 netmaps (deathmatch and king of the hill). Sequel to Marathon 4: The C-Files.

Carlos on the Run 1.0

Originally known as Muerte Machine, this grandiose project was abandoned before being completed

Harkozynx 9 for SDL 1.0

A faithful reproduction of a large Infinity scenario. It was ported to SDL format by Randall Currie

The Classified 19 1.0

An 18 level solo scenario (plus 10 netmaps) that's been 4 years in the making. An answer to map-driven stories... this is a story-driven map. If you fell in love with Marathon because of its storyline, you owe it to yourself to play this one.

Chai'etra Infinitus for SDL v1.0

A port of "Chai'etra Infinitus" from the Infinity to the Aleph One SDL format. A combination of The Chai'etra Saga, The Hammer of the Gods and Fallen Angel all put together by Gareth Wood. Included, is a Shapes file with the M.A.D.D. patch (made by Quartz) applied, which is vital to this game and really makes these levels unique. Grab this one!

Harkozynx 9

A 10 level sequel to Operation Wormwood, the first scenario designed from the ground up to be completed cooperatively. This one has been languishing on the creator's hard drive for years - it's finally being released to the public. It's not completely polished, but it's very playable. It also contains a passel of netmaps, some original, some Bungie's. This one should keep you busy for a while!

Harkozynx 9 for SDL v1.0

This is a faithful translation (ie. unaltered) version of Harkozynx 9 from the original format into an SDL format that can be played in Windows or Linux. It contains a "Harkozynx 9" map file with 10 single player and 8 multiplayer levels, plus a "NetMap H-9" map file with 23 multiplayer levels. The original Harkozynx 9 scenario was created by Eric K. Salzman. It was ported to SDL format by Randall J. Currie using HFV Explorer.

Requires Aleph One SDL.

Marathon Jigsaw v1.0

8 solo levels (and a couple of net levels) - this is a very nicely laid-out project (and quite difficult in parts). Overall, flow is great, though, and the gameplay will keep you wide awake. Definitely worth playing.