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Aleph Forge v1.7

If you want to make maps for Aleph One but only have Mac Os 9 download this. Is doesn't use Aleph Ones features but it works much better than the old Forge.

poena.dare's Maps of Pain v1.0

This map pack was designed for multiplayer carnage fun, but also allows single player walkthrough. A few of the maps use switches and uplink chips to simulate different game types.

Chibi-USA Enhanced MP3s for M1A1 1.0

Marathon's original soundtrack re-recorded with a hardware synthesizer instead of QuickTime's software synthesizer for a more realistic sound. This is how Alexander Seropian's compositions should sound if played with real instruments.

:: Beer Can's :: "StarScape" Landscape v1.1

A very, very simple StarScape, created by :: Beer Can ::, to replace Bungie's "Space" Landscape (#4 in the Shapes file) with something that looks more "immediate"...and also more like a night sky you'd see from the deserts of earth.

Galactic Space Landscape v1.0

This is an absolutely spectacular "Space" landscape replacement for any Marathon Shapes file. The shot is a colossal sweep of the cosmos, as photographed by NASA.

M1A1 Map Making Kit 1.0

A Shapes Shuttle that allows editing M1A1 maps in Forge. Example maps and the M1A1 Physics model are included.

Rubicon-Xariim Vid Films v1.0

This is a deceptively challenging Rubicon scenario to play and vid. Don't be fooled by the easy "no-brainer" levels early on. They get much more difficult as the scenario progresses. Due to the lack of recharge stations on most levels, and very few recharge canisters even so, a few of the levels are extremely challenging for vidding. This package contains films for each of the 14 solo levels. Enjoy!

Dr. John S. Sumner

The Incident at Quiliam Vid Films v1.0

This package contains my vid films for the Marathon Infinity scenario "The Incident at Quiliam". Other than a bit of monster freeze in the last level, this scenario is well constructed, and very enjoyable to play and vid. Even with the monster freeze, the last level is quite a challenge to play and vid. The package contains a film for each of the 7 levels of the scenario. Enjoy!

Dr. John Sumner

Rubicon-Xariim v1.0

"Rubicon-Xariim" now in .sit format !

"Marathon:Rubicon-Xariim" is a 14 solo levels scenario for "Marathon:Rubicon".

An AI Called Wanda Vid Films v1.0

This package contains my vid films for all 12 levels of the Marathon Infinity scenario "An AI Called Wanda". This scenario is extrememly fun to play and very challenging to vid. When viewing these films, be sure and use the Marathon Infinity application, the Wanda map, and the Wanda Shapes file. Otherwise, the films may not play properly. Enjoy!

Dr. John Sumner

The Lost BoB Sounds! n/a

As discovered in the M2 Preview (demo) release, here's some of the legendary "Lost BoB" sounds...quotes that never saw the M2 or M3 light of day. In WAV for Wintel users, in "System" format for Mac users.

Marathon: Cyle Returns v1.1

26 Single-Player levels including 5 netmaps (deathmatch and king of the hill). Sequel to Marathon 4: The C-Files.

M.A.D.D.s for Aleph One SDL v3.0

This is an SDL port of Quartz's M.A.D.D. patch for Infinity. Also adds Hulks from Raul Bonilla's

"M1A1" Marathon to Aleph One conversion to the Shapes file. Two new Pfhor Trooper colors have been added, corresponding to the projectile Pfhor fighters. Other changes have been made in this version - see the enclosed Readme for details. Original "M.A.D.D. 1.6 Readme" by Quartz included.

Mac users, go get the excellent Infinity version at Bungie's Marathon Archives:

Marathon 2 Shapes for Aleph One (SDL) v1.0

Ever wish you could play M2 using custom Infinity physics models (like "Tophet's Physics Models v3") now that Aleph One SDL runs M2 for Windows? Unfortunately, the original M2 Shapes lacked a couple monsters and some color types for several existing ones, and the Infinity Shapes gives the M2 scenario some funny textures in places. Fix it with this Marathon 2 Shapes update for Aleph One SDL. Works for most M2 scenarios too. Original M2 Shapes Patch by Raul Bonilla.

Scenario MML Updates (SDL) v1.5

An update of the MMLs (originally done by Craig Caroon) for various big scenarios that use MML scripts for custom Shapes and Textures. This allows these scenarios to work with the latest builds of Aleph One currently being released for Windows (SDL). Now supports M2 for Windows and M1A1 for SDL v1.5 (latest version makes new Tiny Bobs friendly under the motion sensor). Rubicon should work when properly extracted by Aladdin Expander. "Save Macintosh files in MacBinary format" must be enabled in Aladdin Expander for Windows' Cross-Platform tab under "Preferences".

128x128 - Max Payne TexturePack for M1A1 1.1

Just what they sound like - Max Payne textures designed to replace the standard M1 textures in M1A1. Lo-res (128x128). Version 1.1 adds Grendel textures for compatibility with new secret level.

2 Dreary Maps 1.1

2 maps, both based on the Unreal Tournament map 'Dreary Outpost'.