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256x256 - Max Payne TexturePack for M1A1 1.1

Just what they sound like - Max Payne textures designed to replace the standard M1 textures in M1A1. Hi-res (256x256). Version 1.1 adds Grendel textures for compatibility with new secret level.

256x256 Final

I made the set for Aleph One (Marathon) integration, but they'll work in any game engine or texture processor that can deal with 256x256 PNG images...and that's just about everything, I gather. Hell, you can even use these as desktop patterns, or coffee mug silkscreens...!

Aleph One Test Maps 1.0

A collection of all the novelty maps submitted to the Marathon Open Source project to show off specific strengths or features of the Aleph One engine.

Athens Outpost for M1A1 1.1

A remake of one of the first solo maps (with terrminals) ever made for M1 - Jim Brewster's Athens Outpost

Carlos on the Run 1.0

Originally known as Muerte Machine, this grandiose project was abandoned before being completed

Chai'etra Infinitus 1.1

A replacement for the original SDL port of Chai'etra Infinitus, submitted because the original has invalid file path information in the archive.

Endren's Netpack 1.3

This collection is now up to 8 maps, all very well constructed. The first one's a bit odd... insane chess. The rest, though... you could play these for a while and not get bored.

Escape!! 2 1.0.1

A seven-level solo campaign, built as a sequel to the author's previous 'Escape!' map.

Extra Celestial 1.1

A remake of a classic M1 map created for the Marathon 1 to Aleph 1 project. True to the original. Great to see this map again!

Forge This!. 1.0

A relatively simple netmap with a couple of Forge tricks in it (hence the name).

Goran's Health and Oxygen Bars 1.0

A shapes patcher that will make your health and oxygen bars somewhat translucent - Aqua-like, if you will. Works under Infinity or Aleph One (or M2, for that matter).

Goran's Netpack 1.0

7 maps, 2 already released, 5 new. Wide range of sizes - what they have in common is their use of huge numbers of polys (and views that would crash Infinity in an instant). Heavy on the map complexity, light on stuff like lighting and sounds... but you should find a map in here for most tastes.

Harkozynx 9 for SDL 1.0

A faithful reproduction of a large Infinity scenario. It was ported to SDL format by Randall Currie

M.A.D.D.s for A1 SDL 2.0

An SDL port of Quartz's M.A.D.D patch for Infinity. Some changes were made for this version - see the enclosed readme for details.

Marathon-Machina 1.0

A seven-level solo campaign - nicely story-based, solid gameplay. A decent romp. (It's not spectacular - but it's quite playable.) This one should keep you busy for a bit!

Much Superior Grenade 1.1

A remake of the grenade explosion, created by mixing the standard grenade sound with a Myth dwarf bottle.