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Spht'Kr 3D models 1.0

An example of some 3D modeling and per-level MML scripting for Aleph One.

The Classified 19 1.0

An 18 level solo scenario (plus 10 netmaps) that's been 4 years in the making. An answer to map-driven stories... this is a story-driven map. If you fell in love with Marathon because of its storyline, you owe it to yourself to play this one.

The Voice 1.0

In the author's words, "this is a side trip in the Tempus Irae universe, and may be assumed to take place at any reasonable point during the original storyline."

The Yota Saga, Part 10 1.0

Installment 10 of an ongoing series. Two levels this time. Emphasis is on puzzles... you need to use your map, and your head.

USS Raider for M1A1 1.1

A remake of one of the first multilevel solo maps (with terrminals) ever made for M1 - Jim Brewster's USS Raider

No Stinking Type Pfhor Errors! for A1 Final

This innovative map was probably the very first 3rd-party level I ever ran on M2 (back in 1996/1997), and it's still a fave. Looks GREAT in Aleph One, too...with the proper M2 Shapes, via Raul Bonilla's "M2 Shapes Shuttle for A1", or with the standard Infinity Shapes. Either way is awesome!

Tophet's Physics Models v3.0

A collection including four Physics Models by me:

"Bob Slaughter for Infinity"

"Bob Slaughter for Evil"

"S'pht Rebellion 3 for Infinity"

"Pfhor Rebellion 2 for Evil"

and a version of David Gordon's "Descent Physics":

"Descent 2 for Infinity"

Plus, 13 altered maps (Readme files included) by various authors (none by me) to play around with.

"Cyborg Canyon of"

"Cyborg Madness for Infinity.sce2"

"Hunter Canyon of"

"Hunter Madness for Evil.sce2"

Chai'etra Infinitus for SDL v1.0

A port of "Chai'etra Infinitus" from the Infinity to the Aleph One SDL format. A combination of The Chai'etra Saga, The Hammer of the Gods and Fallen Angel all put together by Gareth Wood. Included, is a Shapes file with the M.A.D.D. patch (made by Quartz) applied, which is vital to this game and really makes these levels unique. Grab this one!

Aleph One Test Maps Final

Presented to the community as a "whole", this is a set of test maps that really push the Aleph One engine, sometimes beyond the borders of reason, but all for a good cause. Excellent way to see just what Aleph One is capable of. Nice information to have, both as player and mapmaker.

Harkozynx 9

A 10 level sequel to Operation Wormwood, the first scenario designed from the ground up to be completed cooperatively. This one has been languishing on the creator's hard drive for years - it's finally being released to the public. It's not completely polished, but it's very playable. It also contains a passel of netmaps, some original, some Bungie's. This one should keep you busy for a while!

Harkozynx 9 for SDL v1.0

This is a faithful translation (ie. unaltered) version of Harkozynx 9 from the original format into an SDL format that can be played in Windows or Linux. It contains a "Harkozynx 9" map file with 10 single player and 8 multiplayer levels, plus a "NetMap H-9" map file with 23 multiplayer levels. The original Harkozynx 9 scenario was created by Eric K. Salzman. It was ported to SDL format by Randall J. Currie using HFV Explorer.

Requires Aleph One SDL.

Up Periscope.v19A Aleph One SDL conversi v1.9A

Aleph One SDL conversion of Dispatcher’s classic outré Marathon Infinity map,” Up Periscope” 1.9

Much Superior Grenade v1.1

On Bungie's "Grenade Launcher" sound: Having actually used a similar weapon "back in the day", I've always hated the standard "Grenade Explosion" sound in all flavours of Marathon. It's unrealistic, grating, lacks power. So I decided to change it. But, if you're not using headphones, the difference will probably not be as dramatic as you'd expect. Sound was created by combining the original Marathon grenade sound with a Dorf Bottle exploding (from Bungie's "Myth: TFL").

ooga's Shroom Patch v1.0

This is just a little bit of rubicon fun, and it supports all gametypes. The weapons have been sped up in almost all aspects, making netplay totally bitchin'.

Chips v1.0.1

Three bite-size netlevels designed to allow maximum flow. Fun for the whole family, except the family members who don't think it's fun.

M1A1 for SDL Script Update v1.5

The four new Tiny Bobs types occupy the VacBob slots in "M1A1 for SDL" Physics. This patch will update the "Settings" MML Script of "M1A1 for SDL" to show the "Assimilated VacBob" Tiny Bob as being friendly under the motion sensor.

If you install Aleph One into your M1A1 folder, you will need to apply this patch to restore the original M1A1 MML Script settings.

M1A1 MP3 Tracks v1.2

Contains 19 MP3 Tracks for use with M1A1 by Raul Bonilla. Drop these into your M1 Tracks folder.

"Seropian MP3s" contains 8 original Marathon MP3 Tracks by Alexander Seropian, stereo enhanced.

"Tobacco MP3s" contains 8 remixed Marathon MP3 Tracks by Thomas Barth, better than originals.

"MuShoo MP3s" contains 1 custom Marathon MP3 by Mike Schapiro. It also has 2 original Marathon MP3s played backwards, resampled by Raul Bonilla.

Aleph One SDL/MAC is required.

M1A1 for SDL/MAC also required.