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Tilo's Net Drafts Pack 1.0

Three levels, not really complete. (They're not playable, anyway - no weapons/ammo/baddies, really.) They were made to inspire mapmakers, according to the author - and there's some interesting stuff here in level design. Check 'em out, see what you can make of 'em!

Tilo's Second Solo Map 1.0

A relatively short romp through an alien spaceship. No oxygen (but a couple of rechargers), plenty of ammo for the targets at hand. Get to the end. Pretty straightforward - only one place gave me a little trouble (because I was careless). Worth the download, if only to play some new stuff for a bit.

Yadda Yadda Arena 2.5

A huge open arena, with raised corners, a central sewage pillar (for climbing), and some outside passageways. Probably better with larger groups. Unmerged.

You Can Run... 1.0

Double-level map - the bottom is a pillar-filled arena with lots of hiding spaces. The top is a ring around the outside, with teleporters and stairs jumping between the two. Dark. Unmerged.

Magic Waters v1.0

This map was originally submitted to the Bungie Mapmaking Contest in 1997. It was included here because of that... but it was one of several hundred maps that hadn't been looked at. The author discovered it here in September, 2001, and sent in a new readme for it - which got me to finally look at it. Lots of long water channels, a few secrets - plus plenty of places to jump out and snipe from. A bit too big to be a lot of fun with large groups (two of us had trouble finding each other sometimes). Comes with a small sounds patch that adds a new siren sound.

Narrowly Missed v1.0

A large central arena, with a maze of corridors around it. Lots of rechargers (though most aren't safe, unless the groups are small).

Obsidian's Collection v1.0

9 maps, ranging from really fun to really irritating. Lighting could use some work, but gameplay is pretty good. Heavy reliance on 5D - maps like Hall of Illusion are really enjoyable because of it. A couple of vacuum levels, including one that's actually a maze - if that doesn't drive you nuts, nothing will. All in all, a collection worth playing. All maps are unmerged.

Oken-egnaro v0.7

A single-level ship, emphasis on carnage. The enclosed physics model ramps EVERYTHING up, almost. There are no terminals - just kill stuff. There are a few secrets - finding them is up to you. (Suffice it to say that if you don't finish with the Flamethrower, SPNKR, and shotguns, you didn't find them all.) Watch those enforcers!

Redux NetMapPak v2.0

27 maps, ranging from very, very good to... um, well, playable. Made over a number of years by a group of 4 people (and refined along the way), this collection should provide your crew with some serious netplay action. There are descriptions (and credits) for all levels included - start with the Favorites pack, but don't end there. (The Frandall pack is the oddest of the bunch - but that's not always a bad thing.)

Rock & Roll v1.0

Two maps - the first is a single room, a simple arena with some higher points to shoot at the hill from. The second is an expansion of the first - the original room has fancier lighting and more weapons, and the whole map gets a second area.

Schwepps v1.0

A solo romp - keep on your toes, and hunt for that chip. There's a crucial passageway obscured by a fake wall - this, by itself, makes the level far less enjoyable for me, but if you overlook this, it's a decent run.

Siam 1.0

So there's this guy, see? His name is Hamish Sanderson, and he's done a lot of messing with Marathon. And in April of 2000, when ran a mapmaking contest called Simplici7y, he decided to enter it. But there was this problem - his map, while very cool to look at, didn't work very well. You could run through other players in places, and shots would stop working after a while... he tabled it. A year later, he dusted it off, got some poor fool to help debug it and playtest it, and dumped out on you, the unsuspecting public. It's pretty amazing for a 7-poly map... would definitely have won an award in the contest, had it not been a year late. Cool scenery, great flow, nice weapons tweaks, and a couple of surprises add up to a pretty fun map. Try it out. (More than 2 or three players and it's just a suicide fest... but what do you want for 7 polys?)

Sparks in the Engine Room ? v1.0

A pit with wild lighting- does a good job of hiding snipers on high. Watch out for that ammo cache! Unmerged.

11th Hour v1.0

A big, wide-open arena with some cool tight passageways around the outside. Teleporters everywhere... you'll probably have to play it a few times to get the hang of what brings you where. Sizewise, would easily fit 6+, but weapons seem tight for 4 or 5.

Aguanaise v1.0

A single-level solo map... decent layout, but too many blind and deaf baddies. Will give you 15 minutes of fun on Major Damage...

C-Files v1.0

Hmm. A 21 level solo project... no save points, no terms. (Mostly because they didn't know how to put 'em in.) Lots of square/almost square rooms. Keep an eye on the map - the exits from each level are sometimes only visible in map mode.

Circular Dismemberment v1.2

A tiny arena with a raised ring around the outside. There's a 2x recharger in the center... but it's pretty hard to use without being SPNKed. Unmerged.

Drak's Netmap Pak for ? 1.4.1

7 levels, created a while ago and tested on the Testing Grounds but never in included in the Archives. Submitted by Scott Noblitt, in an effort to get good maps released. I KNOW I've seen the first map before, but I can't for the life of me remember where. These were originally built for the now defunct Hadar's Alliance scenario. Flow is generally quite nice - emphasis is on fast movement (even the hallways are wide). Plenty of ammo.

Evil Walls 2001 1.0

Pretty funny - there's an invulnerable bob in the center of the map, firing rockets in a loop, periodically. You can't hurt him, and you can't survive the rockets... so stay out of the way! Makes for an interesting obstacle course...