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TTEP 5.2 Patch (Official) v5.2

TTEP 5.2 (includes 5.1) fixes various bugs and adds a couple of textures that were missing in the Total Texture Enhancement Package 5.0 release.

TTEP 5.0 to 5.1 Patch v5.1

This small patch will update the Total Texture Enhancement Package from version 5.0 to 5.1, no matter which resolution of TTEP 5.0 you have.

Marathon Rubicon AO Light SDL v1.0

This is an SDL-compatible version of the Marathon Rubicon scenario. It's identical to the Mac version, except for file formats.

Head to the website for more details.

TK's 17th Birthday NetPack v17.0

In commemoration of my 17th birthday, I've compiled 17 net maps for free public SPNKings. So let them begin, foo!

M1A1 Japanese Version v1.6J

M1A1 Japanese Version

Add chapter screen and 1 network levels.

Japanese M1A1 infomation page is here.