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Marathon: Apocalypse BETA v1.0

This is the beta for Marathon: Apocalypse. A demo with solo levels will come soon.

The Theory of Sensitivity v1.3

The bug free version of the map, with new and improved outside scene plus a secret area. The minimal version with a recharger and sewage pillar in the middle is here as well as a simple version with just the ship out side added.

Slings and Arrows Vid Film v1.0

I said I'd do another one, didn't I? It's just one film, so unless you really wanna see it, I doubt that you'll download it. Oh, and why am I only doing one film at a time? Well, it takes half an hour to make it and three months to stuff it up and get it off my computer.

The Theory of Sensitivity v1.2 v1.2

After some advice I spruced up the walls and added a little. Not to different, but I am working on a major change to the whole thing.

The second map wiht the recharger and sewage pillar is still the same.

Pollution! v1.0

a demo version of an unknown scenario from the creator of the yota saga