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Marathon: Pathways into Darkness Demo v1.0

The demo of the upcoming Pathways into Darkness conversion for Aleph One.

This demo contains only a few of the things to come in the final release. Pathways into Darkness is a copyright product of Bungie software.

Lost Lands Part 2 v2.0

The second installment of Lost Lands, 16 levels. 2nd release with bug fixes.

Eternal Mk V

The fifth and penultimate release of the Eternal project, an epic and ancient scenario eight years in the making. This is a disambiguation page linking to the six separate distributions, in different sizes and for different platforms.

Lost Lands (Part 2) v1.0

The second release of my scenario, Lost Lands. Adds 8 new levels to the first part (for a total of 16), expands the story and shapes. Includes all of Part 1. Contains new shapes.