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Middle School Replica v1.0

This isnt my map i made- but a good friend made it and wanted it posted. This is his middle school- He says if you went to the real thing youd think of the map instantly

The Ty-D-Bol v1.2

A giant toliet that flushes. Lots of SMGs/ammo. underwater carnage!

Red Spectrum v1.6

Red Spectrum is my personal project -- a netplaying endeavor that now spans 24 levels. The netmap quality in this pack surpasses that of almost anything you'll see, and is pretty much the de facto standard for Aleph One games nowadays.

For a more extensive readme on the maps themselves, please visit

Anyone who's downloaded previous versions, please dl this one. Barring any necessary tweaks or bug fixes, 1.6 will be the LAST VERSION of Red Spectrum, so it'd be wise to download this one.

Kito Carnage 3.0

An update of an old map of mine! Kito Carnage, actually my first map available on the Internet back in the old days!

Victory Dance v1.0

During June/July 2005, I ran a small netmap contest on the Pfhorums ( and these 7 maps are the top 7. They're all made by different people, and are all somewhat different.

Dodge This! v1.0

Increases ALL projectiles to double speed, making them harder to dodge.

Kaboom-a-world 1.5

A big circular open map with a hill in the middle and buttload of assimilated BoB's falling down on your shoulders. Can you make it to the hill?

Aleph One RPG (Mac) v2.1.0

A netgame RPG module written in Lua with special physics. New HUD MML included. (Mac version)

Aleph One RPG (SDL) v2.1.0

A netgame RPG module written in Lua with special physics. MML also included for HUD. (SDL version)

Marathon: Pathways into Darkness Demo v1.0

The demo of the upcoming Pathways into Darkness conversion for Aleph One.

This demo contains only a few of the things to come in the final release. Pathways into Darkness is a copyright product of Bungie software.

Red Spectrum v1.0

Seventeen more maps from yours truly. 7 are actually modifications of previous maps (from the 17th Birthday Pack), and one is a group effort from myself and four others. They're of various sizes. Most of them are King of the Hill/Kill the Guy With the Ball compatible.

Arms Race (PIT OF HELL) v4.5

Finally got it to work for A1, I took out a few sounds and tweaked the monster spawn time.

Carnage Vila 46! v1.0

Carnage Vila 46 is one of the best netmaps I've ever seen, and it happens to b mine! With lots of gunz and lots of ammo and lots of other fun stuff Carnage Vila 46 is without a doubt one of the most awesome and clever maps you will ever play. Check it out!