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Animated Objects

This is nothing more then a text file that I picked up on AGM. It was a response from James Hastings Trew to a post asking about the animation of scenery with Norton Disk Editor. I snagged it and decided that if anyone was interested they could grab it too.

Trojan Spoiler Guide

Here it is!! For all of you that has emailed me along with the posts on agm. This has been compiled by Josh, Chris and Hamish Sanderson. This file is put together in open doc format.

Infinity Textures and Scenery

A set of PICT files for printing that contain all of the Marathon Infinity texture sets and corresponding scenery objects. A great reference tool...

Advanced Gernade Hopping

A new and improved edition of what we in Marathon have come accustomed to. This file along with a map and film will help you to "jump" to new heights. It is worth the download if you are one that has tried in vain to learn how to gernade hop without wiping yourself out!

Map Making Topics/FAQ 6

Round 6...Now in a very good format. Icon folders helps you locate subjects now much faster.. Chris just keeps doing a excellent job and this file just keeps getting bigger and bigger. [note: these are in ClarisWorks format... difficult to read ifyou don't have a copy. Because of this, I've made a text-only version (952K) available. I hope the author doesn't mind...]


Just a small text file that explains how to make rain with Forge...You will need to know some basic mapmaking skills before trying this.

TexRay Workbench v1.0

A packet of instructions for creating Marathon textures using Bryce 2 along with Bryce templates. Support files are here and a set of 12 example textures that are stored as pics.

Marathon Spoiler Guide v3.0

Text document that will help you out if you are stuck in any level of Marathon 1 or Marathon 2. An online version, slightly newer (3.1, from August 97), can be found here.

Texture Combinations with Forge

This is my guide to making the combination textures in Forge that used to be possible when we all used Pfhorte. Some say it will crash the Marathon engine. I say, take it from the man that is the leader in Map Making... This information is also found on the Hasturs workshop, or in the hasturs archive here.

Forge and Anvil Tutorials v1.0.2

These are the updated tutorials that comes with the Anvil/Forge 1.0.2 update. I know I didn't include them in the file that is uploaded at MidWest and I haven't seen them anywhere except at Bungie's server. These go along with the 1.0.2 updates that came out not too long ago.

Bodies v1.5

This is a file that allows you to see how to put dead or mutilated bodies into a Marathon level. It comes with a example level that is just a couple of polygons large.. The author states in the readme to e-mail him for more info or questions.

About Terminals v1.7.97

This is now updated. A crash bug when merging was found and updated and now it comes with a example map. This is in html profile so you will need to use your browser on some of it.