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Hastur's Workshop Examples

All the simple example maps enclosed in this archive, are guides and information on how to make odd and strange new things with the Marathon egine.

Force Fields

Multiple Stop Elevators

Bouncy Wall Fixing

Cast Shadows

Multi Split wall techniques

These are great to help "open your mind" to the ways things can be construed and manipulated to get interesting desired results!

Marathon Hang Time Guide

A comprehensive tutorial concerning many of the "alternate methods" of travel in Marathon. Some of this is very good, and I strongly suggest you download it, if for no other reason then for the films. Some of these give you a detailed "visual account" of the methods the author is trying to explain.

Nardo Spoiler Guide

The Nardo: Tempus Irae Spoiler Guide, compiled by Michael Neylon and members of the Nardo team. Having problems? Your answer's probably here... Also available online.