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CK's Playground (M1) v1.0

Contains my two favorite weapons: the double pistol and the fusion pistol requiring skill in dodging and aiming. (M2 and Mi versions available)

Lyceum v1.1

Lyceum: (li-se'-am) n. orig. a place in Athens where Aristotle taught his pupils; [Gk. Lukeion]

Machina v1.0

A small and dark map willing to pile up the carnage faster than you'd like...

Cyborg Central v1.1

Just two maps - one M/Player (2 variations) and one Interesting one just for the sake of it.

Comrade Hüff's Tea Party v1.0

A 17-level nethop map with a seriously cool intro level. Most of the individual levels have been released in some form... many have changed pretty radically, though. Get this map for its grandeur alone.

Petri's Map Sack v1.4

Right, short. Seven maps, 3 KOTH, 7 Carnage, 3 Ball. 2 of the KOTH maps are TEAM only. Kill your enemies, kill your friends enemies, kill your friends

CyenV1.38.sit v1.0

designed for 3 players. small maps, high kills.

works great with altered physics to have the pistol be a one shot kill.

S'phorn Cross v1.0

A large arena style map with a small, open hill and surrounding windows and ledges to attack from. It is great for playing with anything from 2 to 8 players, due to its unique architecture.

geranimo DETHH jump! v1.1

Carefully tested, lighted and designed netmap for all group sizes. Bug free. No bouncy walls, no untextured spots. Good flow & ammo placement.

2 open areas with some ledges and stairs. Fast carnage, not many hideouts: Campers won't survive in this map...