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Siam 1.0

So there's this guy, see? His name is Hamish Sanderson, and he's done a lot of messing with Marathon. And in April of 2000, when ran a mapmaking contest called Simplici7y, he decided to enter it. But there was this problem - his map, while very cool to look at, didn't work very well. You could run through other players in places, and shots would stop working after a while... he tabled it. A year later, he dusted it off, got some poor fool to help debug it and playtest it, and dumped out on you, the unsuspecting public. It's pretty amazing for a 7-poly map... would definitely have won an award in the contest, had it not been a year late. Cool scenery, great flow, nice weapons tweaks, and a couple of surprises add up to a pretty fun map. Try it out. (More than 2 or three players and it's just a suicide fest... but what do you want for 7 polys?)

Sparks in the Engine Room ? v1.0

A pit with wild lighting- does a good job of hiding snipers on high. Watch out for that ammo cache! Unmerged.

11th Hour v1.0

A big, wide-open arena with some cool tight passageways around the outside. Teleporters everywhere... you'll probably have to play it a few times to get the hang of what brings you where. Sizewise, would easily fit 6+, but weapons seem tight for 4 or 5.

Circular Dismemberment v1.2

A tiny arena with a raised ring around the outside. There's a 2x recharger in the center... but it's pretty hard to use without being SPNKed. Unmerged.

Drak's Netmap Pak for ? 1.4.1

7 levels, created a while ago and tested on the Testing Grounds but never in included in the Archives. Submitted by Scott Noblitt, in an effort to get good maps released. I KNOW I've seen the first map before, but I can't for the life of me remember where. These were originally built for the now defunct Hadar's Alliance scenario. Flow is generally quite nice - emphasis is on fast movement (even the hallways are wide). Plenty of ammo.

Evil Walls 2001 1.0

Pretty funny - there's an invulnerable bob in the center of the map, firing rockets in a loop, periodically. You can't hurt him, and you can't survive the rockets... so stay out of the way! Makes for an interesting obstacle course...

Gumdrop's Fleamarket 1.3

8 maps - a real grab bag. There's tight, there's open, there's bright, there's dark... you name it, it's probably in here. Quality ranges from so-so to quite good. A couple of physics modifications - the water action on Man of Salts is particularly enjoyable. Definitely worth a look.

Hard Target 1.0

Good for KOTH - the vertical scale is great enough that SPNKRs are nearly useless for hill-sniping from above. The downstairs is interesting, as well...

Herman's Network Maps 1.0

6 of Herman Ulltins best network levels. Most of these are large and can be played KotH, EmFH or KtmWtB. Some of these levels have been released already here at the archive, but most of them have been reworked. Some very good large net levels here for your next carnage fest.

The Bouncy Map Pack v1.0

A pair of experimental levels - they're not really playable, since there's little or no ammo or weapons... but there are Q3A-like jumppads to look at, and permission from the creator to use them. Worth a look if you're building.

"Acid Jazz" for Tempus Irae Final

"Acid Jazz" was originally created for M2 on March 06, 1996 by Fusion/Pfhyde (Zach Norwood). It's been converted for use with Tempus Irae. A very cool, "organically"-designed indoor and outdoor arena with lots of stairs, four levels, a water trap, and some really *outstanding* gameplay.

"Acid Jazz" for Inf./A1/Evil Final

"Acid Jazz" was originally created for M2 on March 06, 1996 by Fusion/Pfhyde (Zach Norwood). It's been converted for use with AO, Infinity, and Evil. A very cool, "organically"-designed indoor and outdoor arena with lots of stairs, four levels, a water trap, and some really *outstanding* gameplay.

Voyager 7 v1.0

A seven-polygon netmap originally submitted for the Simplici7y contest. Good for 2-3 players.

DcBob´s Map Pack v1.0

This is a little collection of netmaps that i have been storing on my HD for some time now, so ignore the creation date cause i don´t remember when i did this. This map pack includes the maps:

- Dogfight Netpack (9 level netpack)

- The Great Temple Of Madness

- Jungle Tech

I dont remember the names of the maps in dogfight netpack but this netpack is not the same version as can be found in the archives at, this version has 2 minor bugs fixed. I hope you enjoy my creation.

***End Of Transmission***

Don't Disturb the King v1.0

A small netmap primarily for king of the hill play. It was created with the intent to test out floating polygons and on/off teleporters in netplay.

High Velocity Update. v1.5

If you downloaded large and small network maps there is a level called high velocity, and it really sucks! Here is it again only way, way, way better.