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Marathon Atlantis Gold

A new scenario for the Infinity engine. 6 solo levels and 3 net levels are included in this pak. You will encounter some strange things with this map...

Marathon Mars

This author continues to marvel all of us with just what is possible with basically a couple of textures. From the author of Marathon Earth comes a new saga in the continuing adventure-Marathon Mars.

Gemini Station 2.0

When this solo scenario first came out in 1996, I played through the levels. I was impressed with some of the puzzles but I felt claustrophobic. After getting through this new port with all the new levels, I have gained a appreciation for this project.

Shuttle 477

A very unique and different type of solo map. From the maker of the Bob heads shapes patch comes a, at times, very funny solo adventure. Five levels, each with a different theme as you go throughout your mission to stay clear and find Luke.


Six levels of a upcoming scenario that has proven to have a place in the Marathon community. At first, if you try to compare it to all of the other scenarios coming out right now, you will think this as ...

Rebel Base/Infinity

A three level solo map, (really two-the first is informational), that has been ported over to Infinity. Definitely Eric Hill style-short, sharp turns, visually stunning and some pretty vicious bad guys.

Megiddo Game

A update to a previous released scenario. Winner of the Bungie Mapmaking Contest, this is a brand new game. Almost makes you wonder where the ZPC folks got their ideas from?? Great game--get this one too!!!!!!!

Arx Immanis

A three-level demo of a gothic masterpiece... it'll make you rethink the way you play Marathon. The art is great (this scenario won Runner Up as Best Use of Anvil in Bungie's map contest), the play is tough, the mood is overpowering.

Siege of Nor'Korh v2

This is the Prequel to the wonderful conversion known as Marathon:Evil. Evil finishes the unfinished business you have at the end of this scenario, and continues on further.

The Revenge/Let's Have Some Fun 2.0

A rework of Bungies Reverof Nohtaram BUT, with some pretty incredible twists. If you have ever wanted to play a net game but have been unable to, get this.