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La Virgin v1.3

Basic Map and Story Characteristics

La Virgin is an Evil solo map made in the Jjaro texture. This map and story support only 1 player. The mission objective is to restore the ship’s (La Virgin’s) drive to power before the Pfhor and Mystics can muster the energy for a space time fold-out.

The Space Station v1

The Pfhor have built a huge space station that is protected by an impenetrable energy shield. They have a new shielding technology that makes the station impossible to board via teleportation or destroy. If we don't do something, they'll move the station into earth orbit and nuke us down to bedrock.

Pest Control v1

Official Evil Map Making Contest 1st Place Winner! The Pfhor have just become a little more EVIL, and it's up to you, a professional exterminator, to stop them.

Bug Hunt v1

This is a tough level but with a bit of cunning it can be mastered no problem. It's your basic extermination level so you may have to do some hunting before you can teleport out (thus the title).

Turn Around... v1

This Map is EVIL! AI advises they dumped a few dozen Devlin eggs on the base to soften things up . . . gee, thanks! Find the plant from location where you've been dropped, way off side (of course).

The Devlin Ship v1

You are a simple scavenger, ransacking old space ship after space ship. Untill on day you encounter the U.E.S.C. Dreadnaught. A famed ship that was lost in space, never seen again.

Chai'etra Infinitus

A combination of The Chai'etra Saga, The Hammer of the Gods and Fallen Angel all put together and ported over for Infinity. The M.A.D.D. patch is vital to this game, (made by Quartz) and really makes these levels unique. A great download!

The Alderian Connection 1.1

A large 5 level solo adventure that are quite large. All of the maps are large compared to most and they have enough sprites in them that they will keep you busy for some time.