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Pfhor Dance v1.0

A small animated short showing what the Pfhor Fighter class does in their spare time. Made using 3dMax back in 2002.

AlephOne Japanese kit v1.0

This archive is packed the MML script when using a Japanese Map by AlephOne, and the resource which puts application of AlephOne into Japanese.

Forge A1 Patch v1.0

Modifies Forge to save maps as Aleph One maps rather tha Marathon Infinity maps.

M1A1 Forge Patch v1.0

A patch for Forge 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 (A1 patched also works) that modifies them to use M1A1 monster types, scenery types, etc.

M1A1 Net Patch v1.0

Converts a copy of Marathon Infinity for use with M1A1 on a network.