"Acid Jazz" for Inf./A1/Evil Final

"Acid Jazz" was originally created for M2 on March 06, 1996 by Fusion/Pfhyde (Zach Norwood).

It's been converted for use with A1, Infinity, and Evil.

A very cool, "organically"-designed indoor and outdoor arena with lots of stairs, four levels, a water trap, and some really *outstanding* gameplay.

The name "Acid Jazz" is definitely an apt description. A very old map, but one that's currently as great in actual gameplay as it was in early '96.

And now it's all shiny-new for A1, Infiity, and Evil.

Take home a piece of history...

Levels in map "Acid Jazz for Evil":
Acid Jazz
Acid Jazz

Levels in map "Acid Jazz (‚àû:AO)":
Acid Jazz