AO improvement pack v1.0

Remember the 'texture enchantment pack'? An amazing piece of work altough not all of the textures were made in High-res so I made some more original Marathon infinity textures in high-res, and a lot more other cool stuff to make Aleph One what Aleph One can be.

This package includes the following (see read me for details):

- Improved physics that makes the BOBs smarter and a bit stronger. This file also gives the flamethrower, rocket launcher and SMG a proper second function (including sound effects!).

- I made a couple of more infinity textures into high-res, that are easy to install because they use the same script as the original 'texture enchantment pack'.

- A shapes patch to improve a couple of small things in Aleph One like a more realistic contrail effect for rockets and granades.

- A new music file for Aleph One

- A few scripts to improve some gameplay aspects

- A couple of images to add special Aleph One splash and option screens.

- 3 test maps to see the high-res textures 'ingame'.

This pack is a must have for every one who wants to get the most out of the new Aleph One engine!

This package, requires the original 'Texture enchantment pack' and resedit to install.

Levels in map "Texture test Lava":
Texture test

Levels in map "Texture test sewage":
Texture test

Levels in map "Texture test water":
Texture test