DcBob´s Map Pack v1.0

This is a little collection of netmaps that i have been storing on my HD for some time now, so ignore the creation date cause i don´t remember when i did this. This map pack includes the maps:

- Dogfight Netpack (9 level netpack)

- The Great Temple Of Madness

- Jungle Tech

I dont remember the names of the maps in dogfight netpack but this netpack is not the same version as can be found in the archives at, this version has 2 minor bugs fixed. I hope you enjoy my creation.

***End Of Transmission***

Levels in map "Dogfight Netpack v0.5":
Nitro Court Water
Me and my dog
Pool of happiness
kill Frenzy sewage
kill Frenzy sewage
kill Frenzy (Big Version)

Levels in map "Jungle tech":
Jungle tech

Levels in map "The Great Temple Of Madness":
The Great Temple Of Madness