Fire Cracker v1

Evil Map Making Contest 2nd Place Winner!


This is a map for marathon EVIL! Don't know what would happen if you tried it in Infinity. Don't blame me if it crashes.

More Words

Although seemingly spacious, it's not hard to keep running into people in this map, works well for medium sized groups...can get pretty hairy with a full house. Lots of cool vantage points ("where the hell did that come from"), and room to move about. There's quite a few little hidden goodies (teleporters and whatnot) so don't forget to snoop around.

There's a nifty version of FM's forcefield that will hopefully make people go "duh, I shoulda thought of that". It blocks the obvious entrance to the tower. Once you've figured out how to get into the tower, its view is useful for locating other victims...uh..players.

There's ONE nuke in play at all times. Only one. You kill the guy with the nuke? You know where it's gonna re-appear. The nukes physics have been modified...see below.

Also there is an invincibility, but it only appears once per game.

It supports all modes of play, and includes some aliens for solo practice. The hill is especially brutal. Have at it.

Physics Words

The Nuke in this uses a physics variation I used in Future Ghosts. It fires nukes in 5-packs. Since there's only 5 nukes in a packet, you have to re-load after every shot. They look a little different (very similar to cyborg bombs...hmm..) and they bounce. Ok ok, before you start harping on me about balance of power, be aware they are far less powerful individually then the regular nuke, and don't have quite the radius. IF you get caught by all five you're way dead, but the spread pattern keeps them scattered about. I really like this one. It's pretty spectacular. Big fireworks...hence the name.

You might also see which guns will fire through the forcefield or not...ya never know...

Levels in map "FireKrackerV1.0":