Gironicorp v3.0.5

4 Levels that are tagged with some pretty cool names. Like the folks at Northwest I liked the third one best. Kind of reminded me of My Own Private Thermo...from M-2. I labeled them like this Water, Sewage, Water, Alien. A lot of media here again...The first was really fast, especially with the water rivers that were more like chutes. There are a couple of secrets here, if you have time to find them. (check the films) 2nd Level...well, download and email the author on this one..4 level..."Transport City" (my label on this level) ...flow gets interruped with transporters, which are good in places..but you will transport to another transporter to another transporter to.... and just keep transporting..(hmm., have I used the word transport alot???) I think you get the idea. We felt crammed into this one, but the SPKR was just a little too much for the small area. The first one will support some big group play, the middle two would be crowded with 4 or more. update with some new sounds and new textures/sounds for Everybody Samba

Levels in map "Everybody Samba!!! v1.0.5":
Everybody Samba
Everybody Samba

Levels in map "Gironicorp v3.0.5":
Siamese Toilet
Wine me, dine me...
Creekside Manners
Turn and Burn