The Lost BoB Sounds! n/a



I've extracted all I could find of the "new" BOB sounds, as discovered in the ancient M2 Preview (demo) release.

Wow. Funny stuff. Too bad it's not as easy to do "permutations" in Marathon as it is in Myth.

Unless I've missed something, here's the "new" stuff:

01. "Careful, now."

02. "There's one over here!"

03. "Watch your back!"

04. "I'm gettin' a signal over here!" (non-Vac BOB sound)

05. "You killed BOB!" (non-Vac BOB sound)

06. "Yeah!"

07. "Score!"

08. "I'm not assimilated!"

09. "I think I saw one!"

10. "Good shot!"

11. "I...don't think I have enough ammo."

12. "I've got a bad feelin' about this."

There's also quite a few other "new" sounds, like an interesting wind effect, alternate button clicks, etc.

But for this episode, enjoy your BoB.

Note: In "System" format for Mac, in WAV format for Wintel.

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