Some More Lh'owon v1.1

Some More Lh'owon is the 13-level sequel to my Levels of Lh'owon netpack. All types of gameplay and games of up to 8 players are supported, although some combinations of games and number of players work better than others.

All of the texture sets and weapons are used. They've been designed with Marathon 2 in mind, but work with Infinity too. Also, aliens are included, so disable them if you don't want them.

Levels in map "Some More Lh'owon":
Mountain of Fire
A $777 Killing Spree
Soda Springs
Circular Nightmare
The Stadium
A Stormy Night
The Highs and Lows of Lh'owon
The Killing Ship
Construct of Carnage
Art Museum
Time Portal
Nar'hrl Factory
Space Walk