Zealots Physics.sit 1.0

Zealots Physics Read Me

I have had a few people test this model, and they said it was good enough to publish, so here i am. This physics model was designed to take a different look at the way the marathon world could be, while still retaining a balanced and orthodox design. The weapons function pretty much like their predecessors, but look different and do different things differently. This model was the first i ever created, and has undergone more revisions/testing/rebuilding than is plausible. I have tested it extensively on everything from durandal to god knows how many versions of aleph one. Course that led to some issues too... I think it will run fine on any version of durandal or aleph one, but you could prove me wrong. One problem in testing was lack of testing maps, so i made some. As a result i question the balance of this model, and am very interested in making it balanced, so i expect some feedback. But enough about the long and painful creation process- it shan't bore you any longer. I know you want to know about the GUNS. note that all marine guns still run on original ammunition of course aliens guns are another matter...


The second fist has been modified to throw little gobs like a flickta would- but they bounce some too. The globs do very little damage, but like the first fist, the faster you run, the more damage you do. Course I would still use the first fist if you want to do more than just toggle switches or get a critters attention. And yes, i know it is blasphemy to tamper with the shotguns/fists, but...


Big energy pistols with fast firing rate and slow projectile - very hard to balance.

i tried long and hard to make the pistol raised high enough to look like it has a long magazine-cause it does. More rounds than default pistols, something like +2 each. Fires under and through liquids and in a vacuum . looks like fusion.

Fusion pistol

i have had a few problems firing primary and secondary simultaneously-you might get an error if there isn't enough ammo for both. primary rounds are bigger than default, secondary rounds are colorful too. more rounds per clip, but i never got secondary fire to work use more ammo like in marathon- fires faster tho. looks like a flamethrower.


I wish i had a different graphic for this one, so it repeats itself in the flamethrower. more of primary rounds are green with an impact, and i think that they do more damage. secondary rounds are pretty and seem to have less of a damage radius. grenades are shared with another weapon... MA75B looks like the MA75B.


The holy shotguns were meddled with, mainly the ammo and projectile has changed. now you can see the pellets as they pierce your enemies. they fire underwater. looks like shotguns held a little high.


more flame! more rounds! drags you through groups of enemies, so backtrack to stand still. no science there, simple carnage as long as you hold on. i tried to make the flamethrower obscure vision less too. looks like MA75B.


+1 round. makes enemies fly much more-payoff is less explosion graphics sometimes. different projectile and trail. sad thing is that the game won't let you wield 2 of them at same time, has them backwards no matter what i tried- bummer. The SPNKR is more fun than ever to fire into groups as u can see them fly apart. less recoil, but still looks like a SPNKR.


the original flechette covered ones' screen and obscured vision. no more tommygun, now it is energy that pushes people back, supposed to look a bit like a stream- so more rounds. projectiles wander and look funny and hurt. useful for shoving people to their watery grave. looks like flechette.

alien shotgun

supposed to be the handheld juggernaut. primary fire melts enemies. secondary fire melts masses of enemies with special ammo. i really like the new sounds. primary fire has less rounds, but u never waste them with the secondary fire. the gun never disappears, so u can roast with secondary fire. you might be able to care multiple clips, but i forget. still stolen from enforcers tho. made it more shotgun-like at last minute, so i dunno how balanced it primary fire is.

finally copyright Jeffery Carlson, 2001. Email me at for any reports or quesions about using my physics in a scenario... copyright bungie 1997 for all bungie content.