Created by Benjamin Fitts

A tiny arena, surrounded by lots of dark passageways and underwater areas. Lots of places to run... but no room to manouver once you get there.


A well designed net level. Four outer pools surround this semi-oval map. Except for the media and some outer slow elevators to the outer ring, a fairly fast map with good flow. The hill is centered with a 4 sided pillar that acts as transporters. A very small ring wraps around that exposes itself at the corners. Then wrapping around that are the pools and landings in between. Geometry at times is very good and the long stairways from opposite ends of the map are well thought out for speed and fast access to the hill. Enough ammo and weapons for large groups, KOTH, EMFH and KTMWTB fit this.

Close Combat

A bunch of odd-shaped, bug-filled (both alien and the more mundane kind) rooms... I got trapped in two polys in three rooms. (Including the start position...)