Created by CIsselee

Covered Bridge

A small 5D number... bigger than it looks. Really nice use of landscape texture on the roof of the bridge...

The Revolver

Big weapons are in the center, behind a wall you have to walk up to to open. (Don't get trapped inside-the only way out is to blast your way past someone else coming in.)

Jeff's M1 Maps

13 maps. Eight are already here, as Vertigo Maps. The other 5 are worth the download... generally, interesting-looking maps. (Some look better than they play.) One of these will make you go blind if you play it too long...

Jeff's New M2 Maps

Three maps. Dark Temple is just what it sounds like. (Pretty open though...) Mash Pit is a tiny arena, with a smaller hill surrounded by pfhorslime... looks like horribly high carnage rates. The Island is a Thunderdome-style map with the central area filled with water, and the hill reachable by retractable bridges.

King's Throne v2.0

A pretty nice KOH map-the light switch behind the hill makes the king VERY vulnerable.