Created by Seth D. Kromholz

You're Going Down (infinity) v1.1

We expected better things from a Cornell student who designed his map for net play on the campus game site (whatever). Very small area, says there's a Crusher for players who hide in rooms (one room), didn't experience although we tried, but really like the idea. Recommends up to 8 players. Not many places to hide, no sniper spots to speak of. Gee, must be a "Kill" map!

Columns v1.1

Takes its inspiration from a classic M1 map (Pillars). Simple, clean, and small enough to be carnage-filled. Can actually be played in both M2 and Infinity (although I think I like the textures better in Infinity, for this one). One secret, but it's only a little one... mostly this is just a great place to kill people. Update fixes an untextured side and adds some sounds and minor tweaks.

May You Have Long Life v1.0

A very simple novelty level... one small room, lots of shotguns, a couple of SPNKRs, and lots and lots and lots of 3x canisters. Unless you're not careful, death rates should actually be pretty low... there are a minimum of 40 3x canisters at any given time.

Mind of Bob

Bob is your SPNKR... and you'll need to use him well here. Two levels, the first is quite short. Ammo is very well rationed on the first level, a bit more plentiful on the second. Very nice monster placement... there are enough, and in the right places, to make it difficult, but not impossible. (The room that looks the hardest is amazingly simple, if you just think for a minute first...) If you haven't mastered SPNKR jumping, you're gonna die a lot...

Pull Down the Shades v1.1

A small, simple arena, with a twist. There's a hill in the center, and four rooms around the outside. The rooms have windows through which players can shoot (in either direction...). The doors leaving the rooms are one-way, out. However, with a little searching, you might find another way back in... but watch that you don't get SPNKed while you're looking.

Bermuda Triangle

A two-level arena, with a sort-of-open area underneath, and three passageways meeting in a small triangle above. The hill is the small meeting patch (not accessible with weapons from below...)

Assault: Bunker Attack!

Another map using the concept introduced by Eric Hoffman in Assault! River of Death-two teams, two bases, the object to flip all the switches in your opponent's base. A nice alternative to Capture the Flag (which never materialized).


Thunderdome with a large pool in the center. I'm not sure if it still has a hill... The arrows in the side rooms are fun.